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the RA membership

A virtual space for embodied spiritual transformation.

Daring you to live as your most raw, tender, fierce, and sacred self.

THE MEMBERSHIP is a modern virtual temple space for the woman who wants to transform patterns and habits in her mind and body, connect with herself and like hearted others, and go deep with herself. Getting to know who she is, and is becoming, again and again. 


EACH MONTH includes three live gatherings where Alexandra leads her signature transformational embodiment methods well as teachings, Q&A, coaching, writing workshops and discussion. Alexandra offers live feedback and adjustments to help members go even deeper with their practice. Alexandra’s live spaces bring together like minded women who want to listen deeply and connect with others.

“The Community Practice is an Elixir for the Heart, Emotional Alchemy and a Deep Release of What Doesn't Serve."


What is included



3 x 90 min live gatherings led by Alexandra with support from the team, each including 45 mins live transformational embodiment method practice and empowering transmission + 45 mins Q&A, coaching, teaching and discussion. Recordings available for those who miss live practice.

Community: Find like minded women who are committed to living from the heart.

Live feedback, adjustments, and modifications for your personal embodied expression. Deepen the connection to your practice with live engagement from Alexandra

Coaching: Submit your specific questions to Alexandra ahead of time, or ask in the private community, or live on the call. Alexandra’s live coaching is here to support your transformation in all areas including love & relationships, connection to self, money & career, self expression/liberation and more. 

Bonus sessions from guest teachers coming next year. In THE RA METHOD teacher training program, future teachers will have the opportunity to teach inside the community. This will be an amazing way to get in extra live practices and also experience Alexandra’s work from a new perspective.



An online platform that supports your practice any time of day. This library includes a variety of practices anywhere from 10 minutes to 45 minutes and is organized by theme so you can drop in and get what you need when you need it. (Practices to awaken the sensual body, to open the heart, to release grief, to rage, and many more!)


This is an opportunity to deepen your writing skills and self expression using prompts from the best selling author of F*ck Like a Goddess and Dare to Feel. Alexandra will guide members in an embodiment practice and then provide writing prompts and exercises that will allow the writer within you to come forward.



As Alexandra expands her offerings throughout the year, members will receive early access to take part before they are shared publicly. 

$99/month includes 3 live coaching and practice calls, access to the private community, 24/7 access to the complete audio and video practice library and writing workshops!


Is seeking depth in all areas of her life

Wants to connect with her body, soul and spirit in a safe sacred container

Is looking for a simple daily practice that honors ALL of her in an embodied, feminine and expressed way.

Wants to be in ongoing transformational practice with her fears, inner obstacles, blocks and shadows 

Wants to FEEL & EXPRESS her full range: sadness, anger, love, joy, sensuality, creativity, anger, rage.

Is looking for coaching and feedback from an experienced mentor who has been practicing and leading women for over 20 years for an accessible price.

Is seeking a group of like hearted women who want to gather and show up as their full, messy, imperfect, sacred wild selves.





Alexandra’s method is a proprietary transformational embodiment practice. The practice uses a unique blend of breath, sound and movement and helps move you out of your head and into your body and heart. This is a practice of emotional stretching, of release, of softening tension and easing anxiety, and returning to the essence under it all. Transform negative thoughts, tension, and fears through this practice. This is a daily practice of self liberation through the emotions, mind, and body.


Experience a deep sense of awareness, openness and liberation in your body and embrace your whole wild self. Let this practice clear your energetic channels, release what you’ve been holding and express who you really are.


The method is rooted in Alexandra’s history as an artist, actress, and director studying and practicing embodiment and the transformations of embodied patterns at New York University plus her in-depth studies of tantric Buddhism, tantric yoga, polarity, ritual and more.

“Alexandra's practice creates a pathway for my soul to come through that resonates and affects every area of my life."


This is a space for TRANSFORMATION

Each time we come together we create an opportunity for transformation in our minds, bodies, hearts, and souls. 


This is a space for empowerment, embodiment and expression.


When you need support, feedback, honest words, this will be a place you can turn to. 


We all need a coven, a community, a spiritual haven where we can cry, laugh, ask questions, moan, rage and BE HELD.


You will be held deeply among this group of [adjective] women.  


You will have space to release, to cleanse, to discuss, to embody and to pray with your whole being. 


Hi Dear One,

I am so excited to welcome this group of women into each other’s lives and to doula your liberated heart and mind.  


Our intimate group is created to hold you in the depths, alongside soul sisters, as you travel through this initiatory journey to your most grounded truths & highest aliveness. 


I am here to hold your hand as you have the audacity to live your TRUTH, uncurated, unmasked, revealed, accepting all of you AS SACRED and necessary.  No parts of you left behind.  


I am here to support you to embody all of it, and not just embody all of you, but for you to FALL IN LOVE with yourself, so you walk as love in this world, and not fear.  So you become a walking invitation of THE SACRED, full of passion, heart, devotion, and truth.


Because I know at this time the world needs you, all of YOU.  Not a curated social media you, not the neat and tidy you.  But the TRUE you.


We’ve been taught long enough that we have to hold it together and I am here to support you to let it all come, to let you emerge, to birth the YOU underneath the conditioning.


I am here to reflect your creative potential, your embodied knowing,  your sacred soulful ways.  I am here to create a space of your belonging.  For all of you to feel at home.  To feel free.


To support you in creating the legacy of love and art and magic on this planet that your soul yearns for. 


After leading women’s circles and directing my own projects for 20 years, I claim the skill of CALLING forth your greatness.  Of summoning your soul out from hiding.  Of singing sweetly to your heart to help its doors’ open.  


I see people at the soul level.  I see where they can do.  I see where they are hiding.  I see where they are conforming and avoiding.  I see what is possible.


I am in devotion to the Great Mother in all her iterations and each of our own Becomings on this planet.


With Great Love,


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