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Intimacy, Relationships & Sex Coaching from a conscious, sacred approach.


There is often a point where you say:  "Okay I could use some support on this." Whether the relationship feels like it's falling apart.  Whether you just keep finding yrouself being triggered.  Whether you're laying awake in the night "trying to figure out a fix."  Be it around your sex life, your erotic self, your partner asleep next to you, the desires that feel out of reach...
There comes a moment where we no longer want to be a victim of our circumstances and we want to take agency, create change, and see the life we long for as a reality, not a far off dream.
That is when you email me.  You get the courage to invest in yourself, in making this dream a reality, in liberating yourself from the situation, and getting the courage to transform.
My coaching is more than just listening, or traditional talk therapy, and it's more than problem solving and advice or talking at you.
I listen, I hold space, I mirror and reflect patterns to you, and I call you into your heart and your greatness. I support you to find your own truth, while offering you practices and perspectives to aid your journey.

“I am not the same. My whole life has CHANGED. This is neither a metaphor, nor hyperbole. Doing this beautiful love work with Alexandra is 1000% a credit to the way that my life has shifted. From my relationships, to my career, to my finances, to my perspective – everything has changed and I am so deeply grateful for this unfolding of what I know about myself and WHO I GET TO BE.”


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My background includes a dedicated journey of twenty years of personal spiritual practice that includes yoga, meditation, and feminine based spirituality. From 2021 to present I have been in deep work and mentorship with a licensed psychotherapist mentor studying around relationships, parts work, and attachment, I also have extensive training in embodiment and healing through art at New York University.


I focus on supporting you to feel safe to open, to be seen and heard, to get into your body, to cultivate trust in the divine within, and to live from the heart. I will also support you in the transformation of patterns, behaviors, and mindsets that prevent you from opening to love, to sharing your heart, or living within your sensual body.  I also help you find an avenue for your expression and spiritual path.​

Image by Boudhayan Bardhan

"Alexandra has taught me how to get out of my head and how to drop back in to my body and really feel my feelings. I’ve come out of the journey a woman transformed with my heart cracked completely open. I’m living deeper and more alive and more engaged than ever before."


​How it Works:

I offer virtual sessions with clients around the world operating as a coach and mentor.  Clients receive a regular time slot on my calendar and meet through a confidential Zoom meeting.  I offer different packages based on your needs.  We decide together if we want to meet once a week, twice a week, if you want to have voice note support, or any other mentorship.

The relationship is one that can continue to deepen over time.  I typically start with a three month or six month container and the option to continue on. The intimacy and trust built is meant to become a very safe space in your life where you can bring all of yourself vulnerably.  


If you are interested in working together, fill out this form and we will email you to set up an intro and chemistry call and we can discuss options and prices together.

Image by Boudhayan Bardhan

Sitting in sacred council with Alexandra changed so many aspects of how I love and respect myself. I worked with Alexandra 1:1 for 6 months and was all in on every energetic level. She met me there with grace and expansive heart energy that allowed me to make the most difficult changes of my entire life.

Her wisdom and connection to the creative process manifested with transformative power in my embodiment practice and new behavioral sets in my life. I now deeply value and lead with the love of my creativity, femininity, body wisdom and powerful voice. 

This work came at the most sacred time in my life, processing deep levels of grief giving way to a soulful version of self that feels restored and Free to be Me.  Thank you for this time, your practice and commitment to these intensely transformative spaces. 

- Sue Hunt, Author of Transitory Nature

Image by Boudhayan Bardhan

"My time working with Alexandra has brought shifts in myself and my life that are unlike no other. I’ve deepened my ability to connect with self (pain, shadow sides) in turn connecting more authentically with others. She provides the space for my listening of self to expand; to dance with all the parts of me. I get to be me. The me that loves, hurts, rages & surrenders. The me that wants to connect with others in the deepest way possible."


Image by Boudhayan Bardhan

“In my 1-1 work with Alexandra, we worked through some major blocks
I felt stood between me and the life I’m called to live. I had some long term goals going into our work together, think a 12-18 month timeframe, but she said in one of our first sessions that I can do those things in 3-6 months. I didn’t believe that was possib
le, but by the time we were done working together after three months, I had already made great strides to reaching those goals in the timeframe she had proclaimed. Pure magic! She has a
unique ability to see and feel what you need during a session, often it would end up being something I didn’t even realize I needed. She challenged me to go deep, to really feel, in order to move through my issues, blockages and limiting beliefs, and never settled for anything less than the deepest work and the biggest expressions. I came away from our work together with a new enthusiasm for my life, practices to help me unblock myself, and tools that I can use to create the career I want."


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