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What if your deepest fears and wounds were

the key to living a turned on, passionate life, sharing your gifts with the world, and having mind-blowing orgasms along the way?

And what if you could embrace all of you―all of your messy, wild, raw, sensual self―exactly as you are right now AND still feel good? This is what it means to f*ck like a goddess―literally and metaphorically. To let life make love to you and enjoy every bit, even the parts that hurt, and to find the magic in all of it. And this is your birthright.

So why is it so damn hard for women to simply feel comfortable in their own skin, let alone feel strong and secure enough to freely share their gifts with the world? “Because each of us has been conditioned, programmed, and literally brainwashed into thinking we are not enough,” writes Alexandra Roxo,” and it is up to us to rewrite that story.”

A prominent voice in transformational healing and the divine feminine, Roxo shares tried-and-true methods that have led to both her own healing and that of hundreds of her coaching clients over the years.

“We are in need of an uprising of bold, wild women who have reclaimed their bodies and stand in their sacred sexuality for them,” she writes. “As women, we need to liberate our voices, step into total security within ourselves, and fully own our raw, sensual power, finally letting go of the shame, guilt, denial, and repression that’s been put upon us.”

The methods in this book will inspire you, challenge you, bring up your resistance, and unleash your gifts. It won’t always be easy, but if you do the work, you’ll discover what it really feels like to f*ck like a goddess.


Including an exclusive guided

embodiment practice!


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Praise for F*ck Like a Goddess

“Alexandra reminds us of our feminine power and that sensuality and devotion belong together.” —Rebecca Campbell, bestselling author of Rise Sister Rise

“Alexandra Roxo is a true visionary. Her commitment to fearlessly walking her own talk is testament to her integrity as a spiritual leader for the now age.” —Ruby Warrington, author of Material Girl, Mystical World and Sober Curious

“If you are ready to burst into a life where your body, sexuality, and voice are considered sacred, then devour the pages of F*ck Like a Goddess.” —Sahara Rose, author of Eat Feel Fresh and host of the Highest Self podcast

“Simply being around Roxo’s exhilarating, vivacious presence is a revitalizing retreat in and of itself.” —Kara Ladd, Harper’s BAZAAR

“Get ready to unleash the most powerful version of you.” —Lori Harder, author of A Tribe Called Bliss

“Alexandra weaves a web of divine magick, guiding us back into our fullest potential, of living in a state of presence and pure love.” —Gabriela Herstik, author of Bewitching the Elements: A Guide to Empowering Yourself Through Earth, Air, Fire, Water, and Spirit and Inner Witch: A Modern Guide to the Ancient Craft


“Juicy spirituality! The ultimate read for those ready to step into their whole damn self.”—Emma Mildon, bestselling author of The Soul Searcher’s Handbook and Evolution of Goddess

“Come for the meditation coaching, stay to get in touch with the divine feminine within.” —Marisa Meltzer, the New York Times

“I felt as if I had had a cathartic emotional experience not by talking but by following Ms. Roxo’s coaching to tune into my energy and desire.”
New York Times

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