Letting Life Master You with Alex Ebert

In today’s episode, Alexandra speaks with Alex Ebert!

You may know Alex from the band Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros, or on Instagram as Bad Guru.  Alex has been bringing so many incredible philosophical conversations into the space of wellness and new ageism and we are so excited to have him on the show today.

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In this episode, you’ll discover:

  • Ideas and discussion on how the modern interpretation of the ‘law of attraction’ in much of the mainstream wellness industry’s teachings is centered around capitalism and has actually created the idea of no longer resonating with interconnectivity.
  • The difference between the idea of mastering life vs. letting life master you.
  • Examples of spiritual bypassing in the mainstream wellness and new age industry’s teachings, and how creating a declaration and acknowledgement of our interconnectedness in the universe can help us heal this level of bypassing.
  • Ideas on how the antidote to the mainstream’s spiritualization of selfishness lies within reintegrating death rituals and safe spaces for ourselves and our communities to confront our mortality and shadow selves, in order to bring our neurosis (behavior, beliefs) back into the light.
  • How we can sometimes invent challenges or hardships to solve, in order to continue to advance as a human being throughout our lifetime, and how that can really form us in becoming who we are and how we interact and relate to life.
  • And so much more.


Heard in the Episode:

  • The Secret book here.
  • The law of attraction here.
  • Ayn Rand here.
  • The New Testament here.
  • The Holy Mountain film here.
  • Psycho Magic here.
  • Reality Bubble book here.


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