Finding Healthy Love with Carly Lawrence

This week on Holy F*ck, Alexandra speaks with Carly Lawrence from the Netflix show, Too Hot To Handle!

Carly is one of the contestants on season two of the show that Alexandra had the pleasure of leading in a few workshops and rituals throughout the season, and was very real and honest throughout their work together.  

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In this episode, you’ll hear:

  • Ideas on what a healthy romantic relationship is and what healthy communication between partners looks and feels like.
  • How going through the experience of being on the show helped Carly heal through trust issues, people pleasing, speaking up and using her voice to state her desires, needs, and more.
  • Identifying our love languages in relationship, and how we can often discover what’s important for us to receive from a partner, through being triggered or experiencing conflict in relationship.
  • The power of hearing other women share about their vulnerabilities, insecurities, and healing journeys, and how that can empower us to also be honest about our own journeys and transformational work
  • How we can find a sense of safety in others when we may be experiencing anxiety or stress, and how another human’s nervous system can help regulate ours in those moments.
  • How breathing into the heart and body can help ground us down and slow down our thoughts, especially for those of us who are fast-thinkers and may experience higher levels of anxiety or stress in everyday life.
  • And more!


Connect with Carly:

  • Make sure and watch season 2 of Too Hot To Handle on Netflix!!
  • On Instagram: @carlylawrence_


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