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Hi, I’m Alexandra.

I am an author, spiritual teacher, artist, and mentor.

My life’s work has been about understanding and investigating the intersection of sexuality and spirituality through the lens of storytelling.  From my time filming at a strip club in New Mexico, to living with monks abroad, going undercover in brothels in New York City, studying at witch camp, growing up between the Bible Belt and Brazil, meditating in tantric caves in Nepal, learning from a New Age sex cult, mentoring teens freed from sex trafficking in expressing through art; it’s all been a quest for understanding the divide between our spiritual and sexual selves through the narrative of being a woman. I’ve written countless articles, made films, photo projects, and created online collectives- all in service of this mission.

My first book F*CK LIKE A GODDESS debuts in 2020 via publisher Sounds True representing a modern type of feminine spirituality and healing that doesn’t require you to wear all white, be quiet, and keep your wildness and joy bridled. My version of spirituality includes our sacred sexuality. Sacred plants. Femininity. Wildness. Sensuality. Expression. And a merging of the sacred and the profane.

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I offer 1:1 mentorship packages to help you in your embodiment, expression, and return to the sacred.

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POSTPONED: NEXT RETREAT: Embody Your Sensual and Spiritual Power at Kripalu Center

Bringing balance to the planet starts with you. Learn to celebrate your feelings and your ability to gather, listen, and feel while exploring modern tantric practices, self-healing, and self-expression. A weekend designed to reclaim your voice, rage, and sensuality through: Breathwork, Storytelling, Feminine myths and archetypes, Embodied spiritual practices, Partner work, Dance and movement, Teaching and Q&A sessions. Return home with the ability to face your fears and a deeper understanding of the feminine path of spiritual transformation!

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“Come for the meditation coaching and stay to get in touch with the divine feminine within…

I felt as if I had had a cathartic emotional experience not by talking but by following Ms. Roxo’s coaching to tune into my own energy and desire.” – The New York Times

“Simply being around Roxo’s exhilarating, vivacious presence is a revitalizing retreat in and of itself.” 

– Harper’s Bazaar

“The new New age.”

London Times

“I’ve never felt so free, so inspired, to simply be me, and love as I am”.

– Retreat Participant

“Your energy and insights are magnetic…

Ever since finding you only a short month to two months ago, your energy has infected me in the best way. It has forced me to look into myself more deeply than I ever have.” – Community Member

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