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Ecstatic Heart, Sensual Soul

Transformational retreat in Zion, Utah focusing on living from the heart, sacred expression and ritual.

Only when we can meet the tender spots where we are closed or numb can we be granted access to the sweet honey of love.

We will laugh.

We will cry.

We will dance.

We will pray with body, mind and spirit.

I am calling in a group who wants to be shucked clean, revealed and seen.

You will enter our circle and show us who you really are, not just with words, but with your whole being.

Come prepared to meet the sensual, erotic, tender, wild, fierce, deep, dark, bubbling, full spectrum of who you are.

You will meet edges.

You will be held.

You will meet lifelong sisters on the path.

Come ready to play all in.

To show up 100%.

To allow your honey dripping desire and yearning to be revealed as a ritual of heart.

That and much more…

It is intimate.

It is a special experience that fills my heart and soul and this will be my 3rd year holding this space. with fields and content. Add your own, or import content from a CSV file. Add fields for any type of content you want to display, such as rich text, images, videos and more. You can also collect and store information from your site visitors using input elements like custom forms and fields.

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