Committing to Building Community with Eryn Wise

On this week’s podcast, Alexandra speaks with Eryn Wise!

Eryn Wise is a co-director at Seeding Sovereignty, an Indigenous-led grassroots organization  working on land, body and food sovereignty issues. They are also a co-founding director of the Indigenous Impact Community Care Initiative, a mutual aid program within Seeding Sovereignty, and are a co-founding mentor to the International Indigenous Youth Council. 

Ensuring a future for generations to come is a duty and responsibility to them, and they center the traditional teachings of their predecessors in the work they do with youth and organizers they strive to build community with.

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In this episode, you’ll hear about:

  • Ideas on defining the concept of ‘home’ in today’s digital world for yourself, and how we can begin to explore what that feels like within our being and begin to build that within our communities.
  • How getting real and being honest with ourselves about our wounds and traumas and how they may be influencing how we are currently relating to the world, can be helpful and freeing in order to not get stuck in one place of our healing evolution.
  • How the pandemic and the internet influenced the ways in which people’s entitlement and privileges have come to the surface in this past year, and also shielded people from having to see the consequences of those beliefs and actions.
  • Some examples and ideas of ways in which certain communities, including the wellness industry, can contribute in meaningful and impactful ways to those who have been impacted the most through this pandemic.
  • And much, much more…


Heard in the Episode:

  • Decolonizing Wellness episode on The Now Age podcast with Ruby Warrington, Eryn Wise, and Janet MacGillivray here.

Connect with Eryn:

  • Donate to Seeding Sovereignty here.
  • On Instagram: @_samakuu
  • Check out and donate to Seeding Sovereignty’s GlobalGiving Work and various projects here.
  • Learn about Seeding Sovereignty’s LUSH pot and how you can take action for the world here.


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