Alexandra is an author, mentor, director, actress, speaker and wild woman. 

She has been on a mission to understand humanity and why things are so crazy since she was a little girl. (#Stillworkingonit!) She has appeared in The Knick opposite Clive Owen as a hooker doing speedballs.  12 million people watched her Vice show Life as a Truck Stop Stripper where she went to work at a truck stop strip club and learn the ropes, which was later adapted into a pilot with EP Spike Jonze.  Her web series Be Here Nowish was called a web series worth watching by the New Yorker and touted alongside shows such as Broad City and High Maintenance, featuring actors such as Brett Gelman, Baron Vaughn, and Karley Sciortino.

She has amazing stories to tell:  from her time at the club in New Mexico dancing and shooting machine guns, to living with monks abroad, going undercover in brothels in New York City, meeting the Castro family on assignment in Cuba, studying at witch camp, growing up between the Bible Belt and Brazil, meditating in caves in Nepal, learning from a sex cult and much more.

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She has mentored thousands in women in embodying their full magnificent self and seeing it as…SACRED and NECESSARY medicine for the planet!  She has lead retreats around the world, spoken about the modern sacred feminine spiritual path, and helped many women heal their relationships to their body and their sexuality.

Her first book F*CK LIKE A GODDESS debuts in 2020 via publisher Sounds True where she will join the roster of powerful leaders such as Pema Chodron, Ram Dass, and Tara Brach — representing a certain breed of wild and free spirituality amidst a space where spirituality looked like namaste and green juice. Her version of spirituality includes sex. Includes magic mushrooms.  Femininity. Wildness. Sensuality.

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