“Simply being around Roxo’s exhilarating, vivacious presence is a revitalizing retreat in and of itself.” 

– Harper’s Bazaar



Alexandra Roxo is a writer, artist, coach and teacher who is extremely passionate about the intersection of spirituality and sexuality in the lives of women.

Her writing on personal growth, healing, the divine feminine resurgence, moon ritual, and modern spirituality can be read on Girl Boss.com. Teen Vogue, Mind Body Green, and more. She has been featured in many publications for her deep, sensual, and raw approach to healing and transformation, and has also been named a “modern spiritual leader” by Well + Good and has appeared on multiple TV shows and been featured in top podcasts.

She was called to find a way to share her spiritual work with womxn in places in the world where there is less access to workshops, classes, and retreats, so together with Ruby Warrington, she co-created the online community MOON CLUB, which consists of hundreds of women worldwide who attend monthly online rituals, empowerment talks, and are guided in journey, meditation and breathwork practices.  MOON CLUB has since transitioned into Alexandra’s Group Coaching Container,


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Her first spiritual mentorship began when she met her first teacher at age 12 whom she studied with annually until his passing in 2015. She began studying yoga and meditation at age 19. Through her studies at NYU’s Tisch School of the Arts where she earned a BFA she learned how to use theatre, embodiment work, breathwork, movement, and storytelling for healing and personal transformation. She also taught writing and art workshops at homeless shelters and with NGO’s with a focus on helping women express themselves through artistic means.

Her work as a filmmaker and on-camera host took her to Cuba to shoot with the Castro family, to a truck stop strip club in New Mexico, to favelas in Brasil. Her feature film Mary Marie was well reviewed in Variety Magazine and bought by TLA Releasing in 2013. Her Vice documentary Every Woman (2014) has been viewed by over 14 million people online. Her highly acclaimed web show Be Here Nowish was featured in press from the New Yorker to Vogue and touted as “The new New Age” in the London Times. Her feature film script One for the Road was featured in Independent Film Week at Lincoln Center, Tribeca Film Festival screenplay labs, and a Sundance lab finalist. She has also directed and hosted branded content and commercial work for many companies over the years. All her film work can be found online through Vice, Ora TV, and on Youtube, and Amazon.

After leaving filmmaking full time, she went on to study shamanic journey practice, sacred intimacy work, and meditation with acclaimed international teachers. Her 15 years of meditation practice and work as a storyteller is what inspired her to create Moon Club and now Radical Awakenings as a place to gather for deep sharing and deep practice relating to the internal spiritual journey and having the courage to be seen and heard in the world.

She is working on her first book with the publisher Sounds True, out in early 2020, and will be leading retreats in 2020 at Kripalu Center and Maha Rose South in Mazunte, Mexico.

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