You Are All of It: A Poem, Practice, Playlist

On Being A Complex Woman and Enjoying It.

The sacred submissives have been cast aside.
Banished to the hinterlands of pop culture.
Being soft went out of style.
Being passive is passé…

But sometimes you feel a woman
with a secret,
who doesn’t wanna bare all.
Doesn’t tell you everything,
or have an opinion,
and you are drawn to her…
“Who is she?” they whisper…
“What is she doing?” they wonder…
She turns her gaze low and back up again.

Are you her some days, too?

Our thighs are ripening.
Juice dripping from stretched open pores.
Stretch marks caressing jeans,
caressing cotton panties,
caressing hands.
Belly button dew drop.
Puckered lips
collecting water.
Mermaid lagoon,
at the core,
belly flop in the gut.

If God made everything, 
God is everything. 
God laughs when we say this is bad and this is good.
This is civilized and pious and this is not.

Our shit on the earth is a kiss!
And who are they to judge?

Be your worst nightmare
and your greatest fantasy,
stop fearing either.

You’re an angel
dipped in sugar
tipped wings

flying into the night
licking children’s tears before they fall into their pillows.

At the foot of your bed, fairies dance.
Each ecstatic moan
and grief-ridden cry
turning them on.

Sun kissed prayers.
Dew drops.
Pussy pop.
Don’t stop.

You are All of It.


The New Moon comes on the 13th and it is a fab time to renew your emotional and spiritual vows and internal timelines, into the psyche, dream space, and outside the ordinary.

How to jog the mind outside of the suck towards external/dense/physical and linear living of this world?!

Well, there are many herbs and tonics.  Some legal and some not.  For legal ones – I highly rec BLUE LOTUS from my dear friend Vikain who has a whole line of herbal potions.  Also DAMIANA and this mocktail KIN which makes me sleepy drowsy loopy soft and gooey.  Or for the more adventurous – a micro-dose at your own discretion of something stronger will open a gate.

A film to open the portals to magic I love and almost forgot is VALERIE AND HER WEEK OF WONDERS!

And a trip into NATURE – hot or cold – for some song, dance, nudity and altar-making is always wonderful on the New Moon.


PLUS… for TRANCE-Y/FEMININE EMBODIMENT/SENSUAL JUICY MOAN AND GROAN ON THE FLOOR PRACTICE, USE THIS PLAYLIST or any of mine… this one ebbs towards upbeat MAGIC and if you want slower vibes, see this one.

Share and tag me in any of your pursuits, my Sweet Soul Voyager!

* Photos above from Valerie and Her Week of Wonders.
** Top photo of me above by Pleione and art by Dominoe Farris.