1.  Commit to a daily practice.  For 40 days.  This is how long it takes.  If you need help choosing what practice fits you, remember this is not one size fits all!  Your heart knows what it needs.  Perhaps 10-min. journaling, 15-min dance, 15-min meditation.  Or breath work.  Or work with a yoni egg.  Ask your heart what YOUR practice looks like, make a plan and stick to it.
2.  Stay clean.  Eat and drink as clean as possible.  Your heart and intuition will up by 100% - you'll see!  Psychic skills and energy will FLOW.  And this will make you feel more powerful, sexy, and aligned with your higher self.
3.  Seek community.  Being in the flow is easy enough alone, but doing it in community and connection is where we truly grow.  Commit to showing up to connection daily, authentically.  If you don't have a community, come to Moon Club.  We do better when we do it together and make each other accountable.

The detox is avail online on my site ALWAYS if you wanna dive in anytime.