Between an emotionally draining election cycle and a seemingly endless stream of violence and negativity on the news, many of us are counting down the days until we can say peace out to 2016 (and prepare our sage bundles for January 1).

But rather than end this gnarly year with bad vibes on the brain, what if we all focused on appreciating the good things that the past 12 months have brought forth?

You don’t have to wait until you’re sitting around your Thanksgiving table to start getting your gratitude on—and no one knows this better than the new wave of spiritual leaders emerging in New York City and Los Angeles. For them, giving thanks is an all day, every day kind of thing…and some of the brightest lights have shared a glimpse into their own practices with Well+Good.

The best part of having a gratitude ritual is that once you start acknowledging what’s awesome, you become way more aware of how goodness shows up for you day in and day out. And it helps to start small—after all, even in the darkest moments you can still show some love for delish pumpkin breadpuppy pics, and the perfect navy leggings, right?

Ready to send off 2016 on a high-vibe note? Keep reading to find out how spiritual leaders cultivate gratitude during the holidays (and beyond). 


Photo: Alexandra Roxo

Photo: Alexandra Roxo

Alexandra Roxo

Intuitive coach and filmmaker

One way I express gratitude is through group text chains. Right now, I have a text chain with two of my besties who live in Seattle and we text each other five things daily that we are grateful for.  It keeps the brain programmed to gratitude and is also a lovely way to stay bonded and close to friends or family who live far away.

But the best way I’ve ever found to give thanks is giving your time and energy in the service of others. I highly recommend finding one thing you are angered by or impassioned by and finding a way to give your time to it weekly (at the least) with volunteer work. This will cultivate gratitude in your life naturally and you’ll see a big change in the way you perceive the world and your place in it.  It will also increase your self-worth and value…and potentially change the life of someone else as well!

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