A writing and embodiment practice to understand how your story feels deep within you.

Writing each morning has been part of my daily practice for the past decade!  I treat it as a sacred ceremony and devotion, sitting each morning in the same space to put pen to paper and see what is flowing through me that day.  This writing ritual has opened my heart, my channels, and led me back to my truth, which is love, over and over again.

Use this as an addition to your morning practice, where you journal, then practice embodiment, then seated meditation… or mix up the practices however it feels best to you!

This practice contains a meditation and several writing prompts to get you inspired and in the habit of creating your own sacred ritual… enjoy!

What People Are Saying…

“I did it today for the first time!  A lot of what I wrote surprised me.  By the second prompt I felt myself writing from my body and not my head.  I felt quite emotional and my heart felt so soft after.  It was a beautiful practice and I’m looking forward to doing it more.  I did a breathwork practice after and felt so much energy moving from my womb throughout my heart and chest after struggling for the last year with energy getting stuck at my solar plexus.  It was a beautiful breakthrough for me!”

This Practice Is For You If…

You want to discover how to share your story.

You want to discover how to feel your story.

You want to feel your heart.

You want to feel your depths.

You want to cultivate a daily sacred ritual for yourself.

You want to add a new practice into your morning routine.