I have a delicious coaching + mentorship practice where I help set women FREE…

Where I guide strong women to live and lead from their HEARTS and not their heads….

To live a life from LOVE, sourced in the sacred wisdom within their wombs, and bellies, and bodies…

To express the essence of their hearts and souls through art, self expression, business, and creation…

To develop a spiritual practice that includes ALL of them, their sexuality, their fire, their yearnings, their dreams, their underworld, their shadow, their pain, their devotion…

I also support ambitious, successful women who are ready to open to more love, call in partnership, deepen in love, feel more connected to their bodies and their dreams and visions for their lives, and for love, and deepen their intimacy with life.

It is my deepest pleasure to hold this sacred space for these incredible women.

A little bit about my process for your mind’s understanding, because structure is always helpful.  But their is magic I cannot explain, or write here, that is only felt, please know that…Okay, onward we go!  Our process is…


This work is not for the faint of heart! We will face fears together, obstacles, ways we lie to ourselves and avoid living in our truth. Transformation takes courage. I will walk with you there, but you must be ready to truly transform.

Heart and Soul Led

The work all has a holistic spiritual base, focusing on making decisions from your core essence, heart and soul, not societal conditioning. Resourcing in what is under the surface of what we see, and into the depths of the soul. I use guided meditation and breath work to help folks access this depth in most of my sessions.  I do a lot of work supporting people to balance a soft open compassionate spiritual heart, while maintaining a grounded clarity of vision from decades of spiritual study and practice.


I come from an artistic background in theatre, film/TV, and writing and I bring the aspect of self expression to all parts of my work. I have worked in the public arena for almost 20 years and spoken on many stages, been featured on TV and in press, and helping you navigate the public space with an authentic presence is a skill of mine. Integrating all parts of you from the woman, mother, mystic, lover, poet, boss…all of you allowed.


I work with embodiment, emotional expression, sensual awakening, heart opening, and living from love. With embodiment we get out of the head and into the body, find numb or locked places and soften into them, embody different archetypal qualities for a wider, more expressive self that lives outside of habits and patterns. I have extensive training in this and a degree focusing on this from NYU. I find that when one area of life is stuck, that pattern shows up in other ways in other areas.

Things to Note

This is an emotional, spiritual, and financial investment, whose success is dependent on you putting the time and energy into the relationship and the practices because you’re deeply ready for self-expansion, growth, healing and ultimately, transformation.

Packages are bespoke and co-created for each magnificent woman’s needs.

More on my Background

My training is in creative expression, self expression, embodiment, writing, voice, healing trauma through embodiment and theatre at New York University where I graduated with a BFA with honors. This has been my path and training for 18 years. Through my training at NYU I studied the unwinding of patterns of speech, behavior, thoughts, and expression with some of the greatest teachers in the world. I studied how to tell our stories, use our voices, open the body, sink into truth, unwind the past and connect to the eternal.

As a creative I am an award winning filmmaker, bestselling author, and have lead hundreds of women in online and offline programs and been featured in international press for my artistic and healing work.

I have been leading women’s groups and circles and moon rituals for nearly 20 years and working with clients in one on one work for 6 years.

I have taken many trainings and courses in breathwork for women, trauma informed care and coaching, diversity and inclusion training, decolonizing wellness, training in using theatre for healing, Reiki, Jungian dreamwork, sexual yoga, Kashmiri Shaivist tantra, Tibetan Buddhist tantra, depth psychology, shamanic practice, and sexual yoga / yogic intimacy. I am an eternal student of spiritual practice and love to study.

I have also been a student of plant medicine sacred ceremony for 9 years working with multiple teachers and plants.

Please note: I am not a therapist. I help people unlock their power, heart, and body’s freedom to live open as a coach, mentor, and guide.  Many of my clients maintain relationships with a traditional therapist as we do our practice together.  I highly recommend that.

Ready to connect?

Apply here.

Trust is key for any container of depth and healing and if you’re interested in hearing how the work has landed for people you can read more here.

Since I was a young girl, I have loved exploring the expression of my soul through all different artistic mediums.


“I didn’t actually know exactly what I was looking for when I first reached out to Alexandra to work with her, I just felt drawn to who I imagined her to be, and trusted that there was something we could learn in community together. Then, one session in, she helped me to clearly articulate that I was on a “softness” journey, and that became the container for our next year and a half together. I am not the same. My whole life has changed. This is neither a metaphor, nor hyperbole. Doing this beautiful love work with Alexandra is 1000% a credit to the way that my life has shifted. From my relationships, to my career, to my finances, to my perspective – everything has changed and I am so deeply grateful for this unfolding of what I know about myself and who I get to be. I intend to be in deep devotion to love, for the rest of my life, because my time with Alexandra showed me the magic and the science of ritual, embodiment, and the pursuit of God. She is a wonder & my soul knows her well.”

-EbonyJanice, Client from August 2020 to Jan. 2022

“In my 1-1 work with Alexandra, we worked through some major blockers I felt stood between me and the life I’m called to live. I had some long term goals going into our work together, think a 12-18 month timeframe, but she said in one of our first sessions that I can do those things in 3-6 months. I didn’t believe that was possible, but by the time we were done working together after three months, I had already made great strides to reaching those goals in the timeframe she had proclaimed. Pure magic! She has a unique ability to see and feel what you need during a session, often it would end up being something I didn’t even realize I needed. She challenged me to go deep, to really feel, in order to move through my issues, blockages and limiting beliefs, and never settled for anything less than the deepest work and the biggest expressions. I came away from our work together with a new enthusiasm for my life, practices to help me unblock myself, and tools that I can use to create the career I want.” — Karen Kiely

“Working with Alexandra has been pure bliss.” — Emma Heldman, Client

“My time working with Alexandra has brought shifts in myself and my life that are unlike no other. I’ve deepened my ability to connect with self (pain, shadow sides) in turn connecting more authentically with others. She provides the space for my listening of self to expand; to dance with all the parts of me. I get to be me. The me that loves, hurts, rages & surrenders. The me that wants to connect with others in the deepest way possible.” — Jen Robinson, client

“Alexandra has taught me how to get out of my head and how to drop back in to my body and really feel my feelings. I’ve come out of the journey a woman transformed with my heart cracked completely open. I’m living deeper and more alive and more engaged than ever before.” — Laura McCaffrey, client

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