In my coaching practice I offer support, counsel, practice and ritual.  You can book a one off session monthly to bi-weekly or enter into a long term coaching container with me for 6 months to one year for deeper intimacy with me and accountability.  I work with 4-6 people in this way at a time as I spend the rest of my days writing new books and teaching.

About My Coaching Style

My coaching cultivates courage.  Courage to transform.  Stop pretending.  Stop avoiding. Create.  Love. Open.

I help women call upon their courage and make changes in life.  Write books. Create projects. Love. Live big.

I help women find full liberation from patterns of behavior that keep them small, unhappy, and stuck.

I help women pull down the masks of conditioned ways of being that are stale and outdated.

I help women full confident to be in their bodies, share their voices with the world, and break free from limits.

I help powerful women learn they can be powerful, potent, and also soft and open to receive.

I help women fully embody all parts of themselves from artist to lover to sacred slut to mother to priestess.

I help women make an impact in the world while also being devoted to the goddess within, sensuality, nature and the full feminine spectrum.

Why take the risk to transform, expand and OPEN?

As scary/exciting/intense as it can feel to begin a transformational journey, to see what you want to transform, to face the places you abandon ourselves and your truths, it is such a deeply fulfilling process that I want to support you in.

You can “keep calm and carry on” all day but avoiding what hurts and what needs healing is why in my opinion the planet is where it’s at.  It starts with us.  In our bodies. Hearts. Homes. Relationships.

I offer coaching and mentorship supporting women on their journey to living embodied and from their hearts.  We start with a common theme, a plan, a map for your becoming, your healing, your journey…

To feel safe to take down the armor, deeply receive love, and live embodied in their full heart while also expressing their gifts to the world.

What is embodied coaching?

A very important part of the way I work with people is through the body! There are one million definitions out there for what embodiment is but for me it is bringing awareness, attention, energy and presence to places in your physical being that have become hardened or numb to emotional and/or physical sensation.

It is bringing aliveness and healing into your physical being. It is bringing your soul into your body.  Your spirit into your body.  Radical feeling into your body. The different parts of your psyche into your body and daily life. Finding the ability to feel yourself, your heart, your soul, your life DEEPLY, no matter what.

Also, learning your nervous system’s responses and where they prevent you from being in the body.  Where you stay nestled in your thoughts and HEAD and where and how you stay living from the heart and full body.  Connected to your belly, gut, womb…all of it.

Bringing all of your emotions into the body and out so they aren’t stuck.  Bringing repeating thoughts and fears down into the body and out!

In my 1:1 and group work I lead practices to facilitate this experience. This can be especially beneficial after having issues with disordered eating, sexual trauma, illness, being told you are too much, and many other issues that MOST women experience.  Using breath, sound, movement, ritual and prayer we find the meeting place between science, psychology and spirituality to facilitate the process of deeper embodiment.

What is transformation?  I mean, sounds like a dumb question but it’s not!

The word spiritual can be thrown around so much in today’s world it can feel like it lacks depth or specificity.  “Spiritual” is…of or relating to spirit.  Spirit is the numinous essence of our being that we cannot see, but we sense or feel.  We communicate with spirit through dreams, rituals, plant medicine ceremonies…and yet it is A GREAT MYSTERY! No one can define or know your spirit…but you!

Now…SOUL…soul we can get to know VERY much through our embodied experience. Our soul’s becoming, enlivening, awakening can be detected through what we are drawn to, what makes us feels alive, what lights us up, pisses us off, what we are terrified of, or turned on by…to know our soul, we look towards many of these responses together to find out what lessons or projects or people are calling to you…the process of knowing SOUL is messy and delicious and I love meeting you smack dab in the middle of it.

Some common life things I have supported women with…

I work with feeling deeply into the body, the opening of the heart, and the soul’s journey.

I’ve supported people in finding the courage to create, to write, to make radical life shifts, to believe in themselves, to create art, to connect with their erotic self, to live fully and passionately and to create an unconventional yet nourishing life.

I work with the tools of writing, embodiment, breath work, deep feeling for deep healing, self expression, shadow work, and creative life visioning based on your soul lessons, based on my art and theatre and writing training and background.

My Background

My training is in embodiment, writing, voice, healing trauma through embodiment and theatre at New York University. Through my training at NYU I studied the unwinding of patterns of speech, behavior, thoughts, and expression with some of the greatest teachers in the world. I studied how to tell our stories, use our voices, open the body, sink into truth, unwind the past and connect to the eternal.

As a creative I am an award winning filmmaker, bestselling author, and have lead hundreds of women in online and offline programs and been featured in international press for my artistic and healing work.

I have been leading women’s groups and circles and moon rituals for nearly 20 years and working with clients in one on one coaching for 6 years.

I have taken many  trainings and courses in breathwork for women, trauma informed care and coaching, diversity and inclusion training, decolonizing wellness, training in using theatre for healing, Reiki, Jungian dreamwork, sexual yoga, Kashmiri Shaivist tantra, Tibetan Buddhist tantra, depth psychology, shamanic practice, and sexual yoga / yogic intimacy. I am an eternal student and love to study.

I have also been a student of plant medicine sacred ceremony for 9 years working with multiple teachers and plants.

Ready to connect?

Apply for 6 month or yearlong coaching packages, or book a one off session to feel into the work more deeply.

Trust is key for any container of depth and healing and if you’re interested in hearing how the work has landed for people you can read more here.

Since I was a young girl, I have loved exploring the expression of my soul through all different artistic mediums.


“In my 1-1 work with Alexandra, we worked through some major blockers I felt stood between me and the life I’m called to live. I had some long term goals going into our work together, think a 12-18 month timeframe, but she said in one of our first sessions that I can do those things in 3-6 months. I didn’t believe that was possible, but by the time we were done working together after three months, I had already made great strides to reaching those goals in the timeframe she had proclaimed. Pure magic! She has a unique ability to see and feel what you need during a session, often it would end up being something I didn’t even realize I needed. She challenged me to go deep, to really feel, in order to move through my issues, blockages and limiting beliefs, and never settled for anything less than the deepest work and the biggest expressions. I came away from our work together with a new enthusiasm for my life, practices to help me unblock myself, and tools that I can use to create the career I want.” — Karen Kiely

“Working with Alexandra has been pure bliss.” — Emma Heldman, Client

“My time working with Alexandra has brought shifts in myself and my life that are unlike no other. I’ve deepened my ability to connect with self (pain, shadow sides) in turn connecting more authentically with others. She provides the space for my listening of self to expand; to dance with all the parts of me. I get to be me. The me that loves, hurts, rages & surrenders. The me that wants to connect with others in the deepest way possible.” — Jen Robinson, client

“Alexandra has taught me how to get out of my head and how to drop back in to my body and really feel my feelings. I’ve come out of the journey a woman transformed with my heart cracked completely open. I’m living deeper and more alive and more engaged than ever before.” — Laura McCaffrey, client

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