Why is Practice ESSENTIAL?


What is “practice” and how on earth could this be important in the midst of my busy day of computer, gym, house cleaning, raising kids, etc?!



So, since we were little, we’ve been unconsciously and consciously practicing certain things.

Some of these things become patterns and habits that eventually DEFINE US.


Some examples:


– Holding breath unconsciously.

– Holding in emotion.

– Holding in voice.

– Holding in bowels.

– Denying pleasure.

– Denying sexual feelings.

– Contraction in nervous system.

You get it… the list goes on and on!


We practice things:

– Mentally (thought patterns).

– Physically (posture, stance, breathing).

– Emotionally (what emotions are, patterns that can lead to certain identities, jobs, etc).

and so, you are practicing…


Your whole life! 


Most of these things we aren’t aware of.

Until we decide that some of the practices turned patterns are hindering our TRUTH and then we set out to shift and transform them by practicing something else!

This is not FIXING.


When someone focuses on, say: “I want to make more money!” from the outside in, I don’t think it will stick.

It must be an inside job FIRST, tracking the body, mind, and spirits’ patterns around receiving, feeling full, wanting, being met…

Heart becomes the bridge between the head and the body… mind unites and destroys this process… and it all happens moment to moment…

This creates embodied alchemy and the potential transformation of patterns –- in our loving, speaking, sexing, sharing, creating, BEING…

It means meeting edges though.  (Edges outline where your comfort zone ends and begins – to put it simply.)

If it was easy to make these shifts and meet these edges, why would there be 100,000 people out there helping us to love or make money or change things?

I mean… all the books and courses… wowza! 🤪

Because transforming family patterns and societal patterns and mental, emotional, physical patterns… can be grueling work.

I’m currently working with a chiropractor on changing a pattern in my pelvis of over-arching and it’s taking a lot of work!  But if I don’t change it, the over-arching creates a lot of pain in my back…

Same with places in our soul and heart.

When people teach about transformation and don’t mention the depths of the pain/labor/death process that comes – well, I don’t believe they are credible.

Transformation includes moments of deep discomfort, as do all processes of transformation in nature.

Without being held accountable in practice, I have found it’s much harder to change the patterns.

When you allow yourself to be seen in the patterns and behaviors you wish to shift…

Magic happens.  I mean… isn’t change and expansion and transformation magical?

(To me, it is.)

People witnessing you in your truth in a safe space can cast their heart’s warmth upon you and hold you as you declare something like: “I am practicing keeping my heart open even when I am triggered into pain by my partner’s long delay in texting me back…”

And then we hold you as you begin to learn to love past your edges.

Or create past your edges.

Or speak past your edges.

Or receive past your edges.

(Edges being the border of your comfort zone.)


You will be leaving your comfort zone again and again with me in my virtual group mentorship from February – November, which starts in a week.

And you will thank me for it.

I will hold your hand as you do it.  I promise.

(Metaphorically speaking 😉


You will be:

– Practicing ritual. 🕯

– Sharing publicly. 🗣

– Opening your nervous system.

– Living from your heart as compass, instead of head. ❤️

– Learning the language of your body and how to decode it.

– Working with dreams as links to your unconscious.

– Liberating yourself from mental, emotional, psychological and physical patterns that cause you suffering. 🥳

– Learning to mother your own soul.

And mostly, having a dedicated space to PRACTICE for at least two hours a week, where you aren’t leading yourself, but someone else is leading you into edges and hard-to-reach places in your being and transforming patterns.

At the end of the day, these two hours of devoted practice in addition to optional partner and small group practice options will support you as you break patterns, soften, expand, meet edges, and open, open, open…

I am calling in up to 5 more devoted practitioners before we are complete in the CALLING IN phase, who are willing to go deep, be seen, and transform this year… 🔥❤️ If you will not participate, or won’t raise your hand, or won’t speak, and withhold your love, not give your attention and presence to group work… please don’t apply.  This group will call you to edges with love.  And I want you to meet me in my giving.  Because I give a lot.  If you wanna be met… let’s do this.