What Would You Create If You Had No Fear?

One time, a dear wise friend of mine who was coaching me at the time asked me:

“What would you create if you had no fear?”

And I told him.

And he said: “What would you need to feel safe enough to create that?”

And I said: “6 months of living expenses in savings.”

And he said: “Great.  Do that.  How fast can you do that?”

And I did the math and told him.

Five months later, I had saved the money and was launching a project/program that I felt to be a living artistic work of transformation, taking a small group of women through 6 months of very transformational experiences.

He asked me: “How many women do you want?”

I spent days feeling into my body… 

How much could I hold safely?  Without blowing out my system?  Without having to hot-potato some of the sensation out of my body?

I sat by the ocean, I meditated.  I felt the number arise… 5.

I trusted that 5 women would sign up, because that was the number that felt true.

And they did!

It was all I could hold at the time.  And it was perfect.

I sat with them in plant medicine ceremony, in rope bondage suspension, through snake dancing, sacred intimacy partner work, tea ritual, and so much more.

I was able to create something new and fun and exciting to me, but also feel safe and grounded and protected as I did so.  I had support to implement and produce the program, and I was financially compensated abundantly.

That was a huge step for me!

To trust my vision.  Even though it felt a bit too much or too big or too weird…

To trust my energy, expression… to not question it, but let it – The Goddess inside me – be met.

My heart is warmed just remembering the journey…

How magnificent it feels to *trust* what wants to come through, and to have the structure in place to hold it. 

Join me on this journey, coming up soon… we start on September 21st… where I’ll be diving deep into this, and more…