What If You Being You Was Enough?

I was recently telling a friend about parts of my own evolution.

How my own internal healing has shifted my external world so much.

How I have “up-leveled” my external world in leaps around my internal evolution.

How I had gone from leaving a film career and agents at CAA and a TV pilot and a commercial directing job… and spent hours at night creating my website and writing.

How at one point, paying $1200 for rent was a stretch…

How, when I got my beachfront studio paying $1800 a month, it was a major leap, and I had just left my commercial directing gig and didn’t know what would happen next…

I got a book deal.

Clients were coming in.

I was leading events and being featured in press…

WTF?!  It was a wild moment.

And then I did a major leap where I left that studio and sublet’d a two-bedroom, two-bathroom house and car of my dreams…

Saying: “This is what I need.  A home.  An office.  Where I can do my work.  Show up to others.”

The car was a bit of a bonus. 😉

I was terrified that it was shallow and material of me to want this much space.

To want a car that felt good.

I practiced living within the world I wanted to live in.

And… things kept coming to me!

It was quite magical.

I was also doing very deep healing work.  I was single and working hard on my patterns, sitting in ceremony.

AND tithing or donating portions of my income.

And I was TERRIFIED to take the leap on the two-bed, two-bath apartment, one block from the beach.  I was so scared.

“What if this is too much?”

And, I did it.

And, I felt the same with the car.

“Omg is this ridiculous?  The convertible of my dreams?!”

But, I did it!

I grew into the life and world I wanted to live in.

And yes, I worked my ass off to get there.

But, I also faced SHADOWS and limits to get there.

First was money…

Then sex…

Then came love…

But, that’s a story for another email. 😉

I am not a money mindset teacher or coach.

I believe if you work on the inside, the outside will meet you.

I believe if you do work that is in service, you will be met in your own evolution.

This looks different for everyone.

For me, I have consistently taken risks and lived in my authenticity.

And this has always paid off.