We Were Once “Uncivilized” Weren’t We?

We roamed wild and free.
I licked the sweat off the side of your head as a way to show my affection,
after we ran through the wood.
We laughed for no reason,
rolling on the Earth.

We cried for no reason too.
It just was.
A mess of tears and snot,
it lead us to dancing…

Do you remember when we danced for no reason?

You didn’t give a shy look like: “Who me?  No, no… I shouldn’t.  Maybe later.”  With a polite smile…

Instead you danced like a wild ape, the thought of looking “sexy” never crossing your mind…

You spun like a feather.

You let yourself be possessed!


With no question.

The Wind took you over.

Then you became a Rose.

You growled like a leopard, or was it a lion?

You wrapped your legs around me like vines, cutting off my circulation, I gasped as I was awakened by your grip.

Do you remember those days?

We walked in silence through the snow, words were plebeian, we didn’t need them.

We baptized each other with a glance.

A full renewal of Life! 
Showered on You from my Oceanic Eyes…

Those were the days, huh?

We could lay humming and playing like baby lion cubs for hours.

We would always do the same thing on the Full Moon…
for how many years?

Trudged out into the Unknown,
We could never sleep on those Nights.

The Moon kept us awake! 

When kissing your friends wasn’t an odd thing,
we slid tongues into mouths,
because who could withhold such a delight with those we loved?!

We attempted to connect with formality,
and our Wildness laughed!

Our Wildness will return.



For this week’s ritual, I dare you to dance in the mirror in your sacred sexiest getup and lick at the mirror like a wild cat… yummm… light some candles first, watch whatever videos get you in the mood, or listen to this playlist… unleash your wildness in the safety of your home… and let that twinkle stay in your eye for as long as you can.


Tomorrow, a New Lunar Cycle begins!  Why do I pay attention to the moon?  And why have I for 20 years?  The Mystics across many cultures charted many things by the moon… I personally work with the lunar cycle to chart my emotional and spiritual path and transformation, instead of charting that by the sun.  I chart and track my *external* world with the sun.  I track my *internal* world with the moon.  It’s also related to my feminine self – the divine feminine, the underworld, dreams, the unconscious and an aspect of spiritual life that is non-linear and numinous.

How to celebrate and ritualize a new lunar cycle?

  • Refresh your home altar or shrine or sacred space with flowers, water, a candle, and whatever feels symbolic of your internal world right now.
  • Read/study about the moon in the tarot, in myth, fairy tale, depth psychology and across many earth-based spiritual traditions.
  • Contemplate new intentions and create your own ritual monthly to do solo or with kids and family.
  • One of the amazing women in my 2020 Mentorship group, INITIATION, made a rad lunar calendar for easy tracking.  Order here!
  • And follow @radicalawakenings for monthly ritual ideas.