Monthly online community and support for sensual, mystical, embodied womxn on a mission to awaken and to serve!

We are a band of wild, weird, expressive, raw, magical, mystical, artistic, rule-breaking, game-changing, badass womxn and we’re better when we’re together.

We come together twice monthly to gather in deep, sacred space.  We express, embody, and go into sacred ritual together – we share, express, practice embodiment.  We tap into all of the practices in this toolbox – channeled writing, trance journey work, embodiment practice, breath work, metta meditation – and we use that in order to heal, awaken, and express ourselves.  Together, we heal our bodies, our sexuality, and our inner selves.

This container is essential.  It’s shamanic, tantric, mystical, and practical at times, too.  We augment our magic by gathering.  We accelerate our awakening in sacred circle.  We unleash our sensuality, release shame and guilt, and allow our bodies to be the bridge to the Divine Feminine within.

*** Please note, Alexandra is doing FREE PUBLIC LIVES throughout April!  Please follow her on Instagram @alexandraroxo for the schedule and her guest features! ***

In our community container each month, you’ll have the opportunity to gather with the group in two live rituals per month, around the New and Full Moons and go into deep, sacred ritual together, led by Alexandra.

Alexandra is a Priestess, a ritualist, and a holder of deep space.  At the New Moon, you’ll be led in Alexandra’s signature Divine Feminine Embodiment Work including breath, sound, and movement to go deep within and embody, process, and honor all parts of your being.  At the Full Moon, you’ll gather and be led in writing, ritual, prayer, and practice… these are our sacred spaces of deep service to ourselves and our community.

You’ll also receive challenges, new practices and curriculums, and teaching video/audio content to help you on your journey towards embodying your feminine heart, your fire, your truth, and your sensuality in the world.

Inside the Membership…

New content drop monthly on the New Moon!

Including challenges, new practices, and teaching video/audio content to help you on your journey towards embodying your feminine heart, your truth, your fire, and your sensuality in this world.


Two Live Ritual Gatherings!

Each month near the New and Full Moons, our community gathers in ritual, led by Alexandra.  At the New Moon, we are led in Alexandra’s signature Divine Feminine Embodiment Work, using breath, sound, and movement to process and embody all parts of our being.  At the Full Moon, we are led in writing, ritual, prayer, and practice.


Morning Metta Meditation!

For softening the heart.  Listen again and again, as often as it calls to you…



Alexandra’s Signature Divine Feminine Embodiment Practices!

With many recordings to choose from, these practices are for cultivating different parts of your feminine essence (your fire, your voice, your sexuality, your power…) These practices have been called “orgasmic” and “life-changing.”


Trance Heart Journey Practices!

With many recordings to choose from, these journeys allow you to learn the art of visualization and inner journey work into your heart and listen for answers.


Transformational Journal + Workbook!

Downloadable and editable PDF with 25+ pages of guidance and writing exercises to discover yourself, tips for setting intentions, making altars, and more.


+ HOURS of shamanic, tantric, Divine Feminine teaching videos from retreats, access to all previous content and classes from Moon Club (our previous membership) and more!

Join Us Today If…

You are on a spiritual path and are ready to deepen your practice.

You want to feel more deeply connected to your body and feel a deeper connection to your empowered sexuality.

You want to discover your mission, purpose, and gifts and begin to share them with the world.

You want to receive clarity and witness your blocks so you can open up and clear the path back to your heart and your truth.

Your Body Is The Temple. Your Voice Is The Prayer. Your Sensuality Is Sacred.

The Radical Awakenings community is about creating a space for wisdom to arise within you… this is a space where your inner wisdom is called forth, rather than being told what to do.  This is a space where we facilitate sharing our wisdoms, honoring each other, and allowing for the sacred that exists in ALL OF US to come through.

Come with something you want to work on, or simply because you are devoted to your magic, your spiritual growth, and your heart.  Come because you are wild, weird, artistic, a game-changer and not satisfied with settling for the status quo!  Come because you KNOW you can be holy and sexy, sacred and profane, radically embodied and also very mystical.


We Practice…

RITUAL: Call the sacred back into your life.

BREATHWORK: Relax and shift your nervous system.

VOCALIZATION: Vocal release and learning to speak up.

MOVEMENT: Shaking out the fear and anxiety.

WRITING: Expressing your heart and voice.

And we join in community to find sacred sisterhood and a safe space to feel all and share your truth.


From Our Members…

“I did it (Channeling the Heart Meditation) today for the first time!  A lot of what I wrote surprised me.  By the second prompt I felt myself writing from my body and not my head.  I felt quite emotional and my heart felt so soft after.  It was a beautiful practice and I’m looking forward to doing it more.  I did a breathwork practice after and felt so much energy moving from my womb throughout my heart and chest after struggling for the last year with energy getting stuck at my solar plexus.  It was a beautiful breakthrough for me!”

“It’s been amazing what fifteen minutes a day for a month of embodied breathwork has done for me.  I rebranded my business, cleaned my cluttered apartment, had the most incredible first date, and have been waking up and writing every morning.  I feel so clear.  Food tastes amazing again.  My heart is open.”

“I ended the practice with this overwhelming sense of gratitude for looking at my fears and touching them despite how much it hurt.  And as soon as I allowed myself to feel thankful, my body softened and I could spread my fingers.  My heart opened.”

“Just did the most recent embodiment practice.  It is always a surprise how it will end up.  I was feeling pressure and that pressure was closing in on me, causing me to shrink and become super irritable.  I can’t live without embodiment now!  I am free and clear!”


🌹Where the Sensual Becomes the Mystical🌹