To Be A Woman Who Doesn’t Pretend

Hi Beloveds,

Today I have a poem and playlist for you… to perhaps awaken and inspire something within you for our New Moon in Cancer this week… I shared this poem on IG but ICYMI or wanna cut and paste and read often… it is one I am revisiting for myself, as a ritual. 🌹


To be a woman who doesn’t pretend,

who doesn’t fake a smile,

who never abandons her truth,

even if it hurts!

Even if it is scary!

To be a woman

who stays in the



of a



before rushing in

with a pleasantry!

To be a woman

who dares to sit quietly


like an ancient Egyptian cat,

rather than becoming


or clucky!

To be a woman

who dares to feel


in public,

not as a


but because hiding the delight of watching a sunset

would be a betrayal to the soul!

To live open

outside of the

“what are they thinking of me?”


“do they like me?”…

But to let yourself be


raw and shining,

without a coat of sugar attracting in the flies!


To be a glistening heart

that says NO

when it must,

and drops heavy tears onto tables,

and your love’s chest,

smears of mascara onto

crisp linen –


Because to not cry

would be to pretend,

to lie –


And you are ready to live a life of no pretending!

You make a face of disgust when you must

and you know it’s a gift to all around you –

to see that you

do not agree

with whatever circus is playing out!

To agree would be to comply

and you cannot!


Or your body will

moan at you,

clench its fists,

and the heart will throb!

Living outside the lie can

feel lonely…

until you discover the others

who have also left the lie!!

And together you sit for tea!

Make the faces!

And sound the sounds!

Cry the tears!

And laugh the laughs!

It may be messier here

with all these feelings

and raw hearts and soul…

but it is truth.

And your body knows truth.

It feels like a long-lost home.


* Poem dedicated to the women in my groups and my clients fiercely unraveling stale patterns and coming into fully embodied liberated conscious femininity!  I love you all!

** Poem from my next book… proposal in the works!  Stay tuned

*** Photos of me by Francesca Chiamulera



A PLAYLIST HERE for your ritual, embodiment work, and softening, opening, and expressing!

Happy New Moon this week, dear loves.