The Marriage of Structure and Expression and Why That is Everything for your Creative Work

Why do some women feel safe enough to be SEEN publicly, and others don’t?

Why do some women feel ease putting their work into the world, and others hold it so precious?

The key to this is having a strong inner masculine.

This is your relationship with structure, the structure that holds life, this is God/god.

You trust that a greater masculine force is holding you.  (This is not about gender, we are talking archetypal energies here!)

This is also your relationship with the Goddess… life, nature, cycles, energy…

You trust that the expression moving through you is ENOUGH.

The goddess has installed it within you, so why would you question it?

It is shadow patterns and voices that hold back your TRUST or EXPRESSION, the masculine and feminine within you.

Many women are brilliant creatives, writers, artists, speakers – YET don’t have the follow-through to put their ideas into the world.

The EXPRESSION is LIT, juicy, so delicious and needed in the world… but the TRUST is lacking.

Others have such great structure, TRUST, and systems in place for their gorgeous heart and soul work, but the EXPRESSION falls flat.

In order for your work to really land in the world you need both… a relationship to the deep fecund, wild, juicy, dark, and loving inner feminine, and also the inner masculine who provides and protects the juicy gifts and has the follow-through in the world.

Both of these must have the courage to meet the SHADOW to be experienced in their truest forms.

They can both hold shadow that prevents either from operating clearly and fully.

Ask yourself… where is my heart and soul’s expression not making it out into the world?  Into people’s hearts?

Is it because I lack TRUST or STRUCTURE?

Is it because I lack surrender into EXPRESSION and ENERGY?

Is it a little bit of both depending on the day?

I am going to work with you on this and support you to create a cohesive and supportive inner system and marriage in my group CREATIVE WOMAN SET FREE.