The Key to Your Success is What Only YOU Have

Whether you’re a coach, or a writer, or an artist, or entrepreneur, what sets you apart from the masses is YOU.

Your unique soul voice.

If you water that down, you are betraying yourself.

If you ignore its call, you are turning away from your life.

If you don’t honor your uniqueness, you are lying to us all.


That underbelly that no one else has…

That passion

That wound

That quirk!


So, how do you bring the most vulnerable part of you into your work?

How do you bare your soul, and within that process, become more deeply you?

This is an ART.

It’s an EDGE.

That’s why most people avoid it!

It’s terrifying, this process of SOUL BARING!

I’ve never avoided it, though.  (Maybe I am crazy in this regard!)

One of my gifts is having the courage to keep sharing, keep writing, keep evolving, keep creating…

With ALL of me.

And it’s enough to have people always pay attention.

It’s magnetic when someone is that committed to their path.

Their art.

Their practice.

YOU can also be that person.

It’s not unreachable.

It’s the thing that made my Kickstarter campaign so successful that even before the web show was made, we were featured in glossy color in the London Times, in Dazed and I-D.  Investors were showing up.

It’s the thing that had me approach the head of Vice Media in my 20’s with my collaborator, pitch an idea, and get it made, producing over 14 million views of a 40-minute documentary.


Your uniqueness and courage is magnetic.

Find it.

Devote to it.

Use it for the good of all.

But mostly do it for your SOUL.

As you do, others WILL be served.