The Dance of the Creative and Erotic Souls

A woman’s sexual expression is directly linked to her creative expression.

I know this as true and true for myself.

It doesn’t mean you need to be having sex.  It’s much more nuanced than that.

It’s about learning how to work with sexual energy, life force, eros – this big numinous energy that keeps the world going.

If you’re feeling a lack of fuck energy, a lack of desire for life, a lack of desire for your partner, a lack of passion, start with asking yourself:

✨ “Am I expressing myself creatively?” ✨

If a woman is not expressing her soul creatively – be it through cooking, painting, writing, making the home beautiful, some form of creation… if it’s not expressed – sexual passion will wither!


The creative soul and the erotic one like to dance!

The open soft belly, the womb (physical or non) are always fecund territory for creating!

I didn’t use the word ‘drive’ around our sexual energy because it feels a bit archaic and inaccurate, but the energy of creativity does have a thrust forward at times.

And at times it’s a warm juicy gooey nest…

The energy of creativity has a sexual force attached to it.  If you’ve ever created something, you know it wakes you up and shakes you!  It enlivens you, impassions you, frightens you, and triggers you, very much like sex.

If a woman starts to ignore her creative drive – her creative projects and ideas wanting to be birthed through her – she may find herself unable to be sexually impassioned, to feel desire, to feel alive in her physical body.

If you begin to start some sort of a creative practice daily – be it dancing, singing, writing – you may notice you look at yourself in the mirror differently.  You may notice that you feel your body differently.  You may notice that you take things in through your senses differently.  And you may notice that you feel a desire to be sexually connected to yourself and/or a partner.  And you may notice that you have a desire to be more erotically connected, which does not have to be sexual at all, and most of the time, I don’t think it is.

And so, the creative act is an erotic act.  Where we create intimacy between ourselves and whatever we’re creating or whomever the creation is for.

As I was recently reading a book in bed at night, I thought: “how erotic it is, and how intimate it is, for me to be intaking these words so close to my face in this tender and vulnerable moment laying in bed at the end of my day.”

I was having an erotic moment with the writer, the book, the words… entering me.  Creativity.  Sex.  Eros.  Passion.

That is the act of creation!

Whether your creations are for the public, your family, yourself, your partner… there is a potential for the creation of deeper intimacy and the erotic.

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Think recorded practices, journal prompts, playlists… tools to get you so deeply connected to your own inner source of passion, creation, eros… deeper intimacy and awareness with yourself.