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Doing one on one work with coaches, mentors, and healers has RADICALLY changed my life.  I have worked with people for years to guide me, teach me, and lead me into unfolding my power, regaining strength, learning new ways of being, developing my business, balancing my feminine and masculine energies, healing around money, healing with my parents...the list goes on.  

I didn't seek a coach or mentor because I couldn't keep a job or make it through a day.  But because I wanted to shine brighter.  Feel better.  Do what I'm meant to do on this planet.  AND because it felt really good to work with someone one on one and be held accountable for leveling up, showing up for myself, shining bright, mastering money, and self realizing.  

If you want to read about my journey, or see my growth in action, check out my Instagram. Scroll down and read from a few years back and you will see how investing time and money into my own healing process produced massive shifts in my wellness, self expression, my business growth, my spiritual growth, my financial growth, and the way I share myself with the world. 


  • I work with people who are ready to do their work, and who also enjoy the process of becoming more happy, more aligned, brighter, freer, and more powerful.

  • I work with people who are excited to invest time and money to their own growth and development! Who show up, not begrudgingly, but EXCITED to dive in. My clients have included moms, dads, couples, lawyers, sex workers, doctors, accountants, tech industry workers, musicians, and more.

  • I work with people who also inspire me and who want to enjoy this process together, have fun, and aren't afraid of stepping outside their comfort zones when I push them to their edges. They want that! They love growth! They aren't afraid to cry or be vulnerable or get real or get fiery. Cause they wanna grow BIG and they are READY for it.

I use a variety of tools based on each clients needs.  For a business geared client we may do more planning, coaching, and manifestation work.  For a client wanting to unleash or heal sexuality we may do more embodiment work, tantra based work, and energy work.  Regardless of the needs of a client, I most often use as combination of intuitive coaching, shamanic energy work, manifestation work, and spiritual teaching.

We open a door together and get into a zone weekly, and then the magic happens. Yes, sometimes Guides or Spirits show up.  Yes, you may find me singing to you or hissing like a snake.  Yes, you may spend a whole session laughing. Or sobbing.  I may drum.  Or we may plan your next big masterpiece. Its a beautiful mystery we unfold together. On the first session though we will deep dive into what is going on with you, what you need, whats inspiring you, what you want more of and take it from there.  


If you feel a call to work together we will hop on a call to chat about it and I will create a 3 month, 6 month, or one year program to fit your needs, send you a proposal, and then we will dive in.  When we do this work together we are entering into a relationship, so it's important  that we both be inspired by each other and excited to spend time together each week making magic, co-creating your life, artfully healing, and diving into unknown depths together.

If all this excites you and you feel READY then please fill out the form below and we will hop on a call to discuss. 


I offer one off healing sessions where we use breath work, embodiment practice, guided meditation, shamanic healing work and coaching to assist you on your inner journey. This work can be intense and often move a lot of energy so please only inquire if you are ready to open up in big ways and face whatever rises to the surface. I offer integration suggestions and tips as well to keep the energy flowing. Done in NYC or LA, schedule depending, and on Zoom. Please message below to inquire!

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client feedback:

Working with Alexandra has been pure bliss.
— Emma Heldman, Client.
My time working with Alexandra has brought shifts in myself and my life that are unlike no other. I’ve deepened my ability to connect with self (pain, shadow sides) in turn connecting more authentically with others. She provides the space for my listening of self to expand; to dance with all the parts of me. I get to be me. The me that loves, hurts, rages & surrenders. The me that wants to connect with others in the deepest way possible.
— Jen Robinson, client
Alexandra has taught me how to get out of my head and how to drop back in to my body and really feel my feelings. I’ve come out of the journey a woman transformed with my heart cracked completely open. I’m living deeper and more alive and more engaged than ever before.
— Laura McCaffrey, client

We will email you back with times for a chat or session within 24 hours unless its a weekend and we will get back to you on Monday.