Re-connect to your empowered, sensual, and erotic side again and again with this practice.  It will help you connect with your sexuality, and heal around your sensuality and the erotic.

This practice is part of my Divine Feminine Embodiment Practices collection.  I’ve led these practices in-person on retreats with 40+ womxn in the room, and online for the past few years in my Radical Awakening community.

These practices can activate many different areas within you… call forth various archetypes we all hold within each of us.  This practice is dedicated to re-connecting you to your sensual and erotic self… enjoy!

What People Are Saying…

“It’s been amazing what fifteen minutes a day for a month of embodied breathwork has done for me.  I rebranded my business, cleaned my cluttered apartment, had the most incredible first date, and have been waking up and writing every morning.  I feel so clear, food tastes amazing again.  My heart is open.”

“Just did the most recent embodiment practice.  It is always a surprise how it will end up.  I was feeling pressure and that pressure was closing in on me, causing me to shrink and become super irritable.  I can’t live without embodiment now!  I am free and clear!”

“I screamed and yelled and growled.  And sobbed and cried.  Finally, (again) honoring these feelings inside me.  I felt the power and energies in my hands.  And now feel in connection with my body.  And I am able to own my boundaries and my fire and power loud and clear.  Thank you!”

“I did the embodiment practice last night and was just amazed.  I wasn’t sure anything would happen for me the first time, but once I included sound, my heart cracked open and the tears came.”

This Practice Is For You If…

You want to feel deeply connected to your body and your channel.

You want to re-connect to your sexual energy.

You want to heal around the erotic.

You want to step in fully to your power.