Retreat Recap + Invite to Wild Soul Group

Hi Beloveds,

I want to share with you a few things I learned on retreat with 14 women in the desert and red rocks and hot sun of Zion last week.

And share with you an upcoming offering for a deep magical small group of women I am calling in to keep taking my work to the next level… 

First, I wrote this poem for our retreat orientation and it applies to life, I think, and so I wanna share it with you…

A Poem for Coming into our Zion Retreat…

Let yourself be scared when you are scared.

No need to be the tough guy.

But don’t let the fear stop you from showing up, either.

You’re allowed to say: “I’m scared.”

Before you say: “I don’t wanna do it.”

Taking that in-between pause is EVERYTHING.

Or before you say: “I can do anything!”

Take that vulnerable pause and BREATHE.

That is where we can love and hold you…

in the pause before you armor your heart, or you run.

If you find yourself bored,

or thinking about something that’s not here,

I recommend you make friends with a beetle,

or watch a lizard in the sun.

If someone here triggers you, FAB –

Get curious about that stitch in your side about them,

and you’ll usually see they have a thing you have,

and you may just make a best friend,

or learn something quite illuminating about yourself.

While you are at it, assume everyone here is a celebrity and a billionaire!

Because I was thinking,

we would act so different, right, if say Billie Eilish was here.

We would prob be awkward…

And maybe look at her like: “Wow you’re so cool.”

So, I recommend looking at everyone like that.

(Not the awkward part, but the “you’re so cool” part.)

On that note,

anyone here could have just lost someone they love,

may be amidst a breakup,

or just having a hard day,

approach everyone lovingly, just in case.

Let yourself ask for help!

Especially if you’re really good at doing everything yourself

and really good at being a strong independent woman…

But if you’re really good at needing help,

maybe be the one that steps in to help!

You know what I mean, right?


If you need to cry, cry.

If you need to poop, poop.

No need to make a big stink about either (pun intended).

Just do you,

no apologies,

no big announcement needed –

Oh, and the birds sit and play

on the fence in the morning

and they are very fun to watch!

The power may go out,

the hot water may stop,

but the sunset will continue,

and I guarantee you’ll be okay without a shower.

If it terrifies you to walk out into the fields alone,

try in increments,

or ask someone to go with you.

But, don’t not do it.

Check your shoes before you put them on.

And put on sunscreen.

Try walking slow.

Ask the trees what their names are.

And pay attention to your dreams.

When we slow down, life speaks to us in color and sound and we can actually hear it.

In those details our Soul speaks.



Our retreat was really wonderful.

We activated our senses, took ourselves deeper into embodiment, noticing the difference between emotion, sensations, body postures, movements, and thoughts… picking apart our embodiment practice to go a layer deeper.

Seeing what textures of our Soul we avoid and how they speak outward in our feminine embodiment.

We freed our expression with writing and sharing and dancing and storytelling.

We did sacred theatre.

We learned to trust each other.

We played with polarity practice and giving and receiving.

We saw what is at stake in today’s tech-heavy modern world.

The sacred.


Our stories.

Our wild and untamed spirituality.

We were deeply witnessed.

And we became less afraid of the wildness of nature,

and in turn less afraid of life.

I am so grateful to the women who showed up to this experience ready to open and share.

And check out our dear community member, Chelsea’s reflections on the retreat and her new offerings here!


I AM EXCITED TO ANNOUNCE… that I will be doing an Advanced Practice and Study Group by application only and am inviting 15 women in.  It’s a 3-month commitment so we can go deep, shake some shit up, get to know each other deeply, create some trust, and practice in the space of deep MAGIC.


– A place for Advanced Feminine Embodiment Practice (for folks that have been in this practice for awhile and want to go deeper).

– A space to practice bringing all textures of you to your work, to your love, to your writing… etc and get feedback about your practice/embodiment/presence and blocks.

– A space for growth, accountability, and deep sacred space.  Where we make trust, bonds, and get the kind of feedback we can only get in a safe space.

There will be plenty of time in this advanced group for one-on-one mentorship, coaching, and feedback from me within our group sessions, as we will have a small, contained group.

You will be witnessed practicing solo and get feedback, reading your work, and facing fears head on.  It is a place where we will stretch into your edges, not process the past.

This will combine depth psychology, wild feminine based spiritual practice, sacred theatre, ritual, prayer, writing, channeling, storytelling, soul visioning, feminine embodiment work – a mix of practice and process and presentation to the group… we will meet twice a month via zoom for 2 hours each time, and you will also be recommended to write and practice between sessions.

You will find the stuck places in your embodiment and work them.

You will learn to pull old masks of behavior down and be called out on them lovingly.

You will have the space to be seen in your patterns and guided into new ones.

You will learn to stop needing to process and go into the past, but see how the past lives in your embodiment and make shifts there.


  • If you’ve been in practice for awhile now with me, or another teacher of this work, and are ready to ADVANCE and be seen one-on-one by me and other women.
  • If you are seeking honest and clear feedback, reflection, practice advice and support in your expansion and embodiment.
  • If you feel like you’ve done some of the heavy lifting around your healing and the past, and there are certain places in your practice that you can’t access alone and you need eyes on you to give you actual feedback.
  • If you’ve practiced mostly alone and are ready to be seen and witnessed by a group of women.
  • If you’re interested in one-on-one mentorship with me, but the investment of one-on-one work is not aligned right now.


  • To show up to our lives with open hearts in the present moment – not stuck in the patterns and shapes of the past.
  • To follow our thread of aliveness, like flowers blossoming.
  • To love the world open through our embodied presence – not heady/thinking presence.
  • To not turn away from the pain of the world, but look towards it AND towards love and learn how to alchemize in the body.
  • To grow and pursue our creativity, and allow ourselves to be seen and witnessed by a community and sacred container of Souls on the feminine embodied path.

The cost is $200/month for 3 months.

We will choose times based on a survey and poll and everyone must make the sessions live, except in an emergency or unless previously discussed with us.


And if you’re feeling really called to this group, but are new to the work and practice, we would love to welcome you into Radical Awakenings for the rest of the year!  Registration is currently closed to the public, but if you’re really feeling the call to deepen your practice, reply here and we would love to welcome you in.

Wishing you all so much love and coming home to what’s true in your heart, always.