The Sacred and the Profane of Spirituality with Alexandra Roxo

This week, Alexandra shares with us her first solo episode!

If you’re not too familiar with Alexandra yet, she is an artist, bestselling author, speaker and teacher.  She leads workshops and has been featured as a guest speaker on podcasts and TV including on ViceTV’s Slutever, Epix’s Sex / Life show and at numerous festivals and events worldwide.

Her book “F*CK LIKE A GODDESS” debuted in July 2020 with Sounds True to be #1 new release and bestseller in 3 categories on amazon for 3 weeks in a row.  It was also featured in many publications as a radical guidebook for modern spirituality outside the mainstream and a practical guide to healing that includes body, mind, and spirit.  

With a career traversing genres, but with a through line of exploration of the female body and the intersection of sexuality and spirituality, Alexandra has been making art, writing, and sharing her heart publicly for nearly two decades about modern spirituality, the feminine faces of the divine, embodiment as healing and practice, and the path of the expression of the soul through art and writing as liberation.

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During this episode, you’ll learn:

  • Why it’s important to use discernment about what teachings, art, wisdom, and influences to allow into your life in this modern, digital age.
  • How spiritual sacred space is relative to each person’s unique life experience and is not a cookie-cutter formula that fits everyone.
  • How the mystical life is vast, and includes both the sacred and the profane.
  • How to be a more nuanced spiritual practitioner and experience life more robustly, rather than just “good” vs. “bad”.
  • How we are spiritual, emotional, physical, and psychological beings and not just one element of being.
  • Why it’s important to bring all sorts of people, stories, and paths of living to the “spiritual” conversation.
  • And more!

Heard in the episode:

  • F*ck Like A Goddess book here.
  • Be Here Nowish season one here and season two here.
  • Krishna Das music here.
  • Mary Marie film here.
  • Every Woman: Life as a Truck Stop Stripper here.
  • The Knick here.
  • Sex / Life Show here.
  • Viceland’s Slutever here.

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