Reframing What Makes A Relationship Successful with Alexandra Roxo

On today’s episode of Holy F*ck, Alexandra is back and answering your questions solo-style, diving into the topics of love, loss, and how to process the ending with a beloved.

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In this episode, you’ll hear:

  • Ideas and rituals on how to process loss in your life through intentionally creating a container to grieve, so that you are working with your emotions rather than letting your emotions work you.
  • Allowing yourself the space to deeply honor the courage and strength it takes to be open and vulnerable in relationship, even amidst pain or the grieving process of a relationship ending.
  • Examining and undoing the idea that a ‘successful relationship’ means it lasts forever, and how to instead, identify the qualities of a successful relationship based on growth, transformation, love, and healing.
  • How honoring the cycles of life and death throughout our lives allows us to honor the cycles of relationship, and let go of the expectations that anything in life remains the same forever.
  • And more!


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