Inviting Fear in for Tea with Moun D’Simone

On today’s episode, Alexandra speaks with one of her dear dear friends, Moun D’Simone!  

Moun is a Spiritual Godmother, supporting womxn to find strength and courage in their story.  She works with clients and students doing deep transformational and empowerment work, through one-on-one mentorship and group programs.  She also speaks and leads retreats for clients such as Maha Rose, Kripalu, Three Jewels, and more, on topics like making peace with your past, unconditional compassion, the power of practice and community, and more.

This episode is really a peek into Alexandra and Moun’s love and friendship, and how they continue to inspire each other through life’s challenges.

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In this episode, you’ll hear:

  • The process of undoing tying our worth to our productivity and our accomplishments vs. living in the present and loving ourselves unconditionally.
  • Ideas on why traveling to somewhere like India or Nepal is such a life-changing experience for so many people and how experiencing a place that is immersed in ritual can alter our perspective of everyday life and how we experience it.
  • How we avoid looking at and holding a relationship with death in much of western culture and how that can often keep us in a place of fear of the unknown.
  • Ideas on how we can begin to become more comfortable with death and suffering, and how that process can actually help us accept the full range of our own emotions and the reality of life and death.
  • How Moun’s ability to step up and act as the main caretaker for her mother after her mother’s breast cancer diagnosis came from being able to hold the duality of the experience of life as being both full of so much beauty and so much challenge.
  • Ways to move yourself through fearful moments, and how to engage with the full spectrum range of our emotions as human beings, and integrate them and bring them into acceptance within us.
  • And so much more on healing and staying open to all that life has to offer us!


Heard in the episode:

  • Learn about Dakinis here.
  • Feeding Your Demons book here.


Connect with Moun:

  • Register for Moun’s Modern Dakini 5-week course here
  • 1:1 mentorship with Moun here
  • On Instagram: @moundsimone
  • Learn more about all of Moun’s offerings and ways to connect here.


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