Follow your Purpose with your Higher Self with Bunny Michael

For our third episode, Alexandra welcomes Bunny Michael to the show!

Bunny Michael is a spiritual coach and multi-disciplinary artist who has dedicated their work to awakening Higher-Self – the manifestation of love within all humans deconditioned by the limitations of ego identity.  Using writing, visual art, music, and performance Bunny has shared their Higher Self message on stages throughout the United States and Europe.  What Alexandra loved about this episode is the generosity, aliveness, depth, and magic that Bunny brought to the show, and we so hope you enjoy!

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During this Episode, you’ll Learn:

  • The first encounter that Bunny had with their highest self, and how that experience felt and was different than other moments of spiritual practice.
  • How our lives can often be guided by unconscious tendencies to avoid pain and suffering and how to begin to unravel that for yourself.
  • The art of channelling divine creative energy through the form of you who are, and how to take the pressure off of doing it “right”.
  • How following your purpose and your message can keep you grounded in your work in the moments where you may feel confusion or uncertainty in how to deliver your gifts to the world.
  • How the shadows of our ego can sneak into our businesses and the path of sharing our message with the world, and how to bring awareness to those shadow parts.
  • How moving our bodies, breathing, and expressing can help us shift and move through the grief we may be experiencing from this past year.


Heard in the Episode:

  • Be Here Nowish web series – season one here and season two here.
  • Richard Rudd and The Gene Keys here.
  • Bhagavad Gita here.
  • A Course in Miracles here.
  • Marianne Williamson here.
  • Ram Dass memoir here.
  • Krishna Das music here.
  • Gasolina music video here.


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