Expressing our Sexual Desires with Emily Miller

On today’s episode, Alexandra speaks with Emily Miller, a contestant on the Netflix show, Too Hot To Handle!

What Alexandra loved about working with Emily on the show was how unashamed Emily was about her sexuality.  She didn’t seem to be afraid to speak about her sexuality in a very blunt and honest way, and that was very inspiring to witness and see presented on tv.

This episode may be a great conversation starter for you all around expressing your sexuality, your desires, and staying open-hearted and vulnerable in relationship.

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In this episode, you’ll hear:

  • The difference between reaction in relationship – such as defensiveness or accusation – vs. staying open-hearted and vulnerable and sharing your emotions from that place.
  • How staying open-hearted and vulnerable in relationship can often feel very painful, but ultimately leads to greater intimacy between partners, friends, loved ones, etc.
  • Ideas on how laying down the foundation for high reward in life often comes by making high risk moves and actions to get there.
  • Removing shame from how we, as a society, communicate about our sexuality and sexual desires, and how we can begin to reclaim that for ourselves.
  • Ideas on what some of the fundamental differences between the masculine and feminine are in relationship, and how to reconcile that with expectations and desires you may hold for a partner.
  • The challenge of sustaining change and transformation within yourself and the work and practice that goes into embodying the change within yourself and your life.
  • And more!


Connect with Emily:

  • Make sure and watch season 2 of Too Hot To Handle on Netflix!!
  • On Instagram: @emilyfayemillerr


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