Doing the Deep Work with Ayahuasca with Melissa Stangl

On today’s episode, Alexandra speaks with Melissa Stangl, who is a Founding Partner and the Chief Operating Officer of the Soltara Healing Center in Costa Rica.

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In this episode, you’ll hear:

  • Listening to your inner voice, even when it’s telling you to completely alter the course of your life, and ideas on how to navigate that for yourself.
  • The different reasons people come to Soltara to sit with the medicine of ayahuasca, and how it can sometimes stem from desires to heal, to grow, to transform, and/or to seek answers on your life path, or where to go next in life.
  • Ideas on the process of integrating what comes through in a plant medicine ceremony, and how that process can differ for each person, and can often be a very non-linear integration process.
  • How doing deep transformational shadow work is actually very uncomfortable, more often than not, and how so much is gained through sitting with it and moving through those shadowy blocks and places.
  • Ideas on getting tired of your old patterns holding you back, and how that can often be the catalyst to enter the deep transformational work and make a different choice for yourself.
  • And more!


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