Discovering your Sensual Self with Ev’Yan Whitney

On today’s episode, Alexandra speaks with author, sex educator, writer, and podcaster Ev’yan Whitney!

Ev’Yan Whitney is a Sexuality doula®, sex educator, and sensualist.  Since 2011, Ev’Yan has been dedicated to sex education and sexual activism for women and non-binary folks, helping individuals reclaim their unique sexual expressions and reconnect to their sensual bodies.  Ev’Yan’s work focuses on decolonizing, unshaming, and liberating sexuality at the intersection of identity, pleasure, and embodiment.  Ev’Yan is the author of Sensual Self,  a self-guided journal that will help you come home to yourself through your senses.  They also host a podcast of the same name.

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In this episode, you’ll hear:

  • Ev’yan’s experience of growing up in purity culture, and using discernment around moving away from purity culture by continually asking if this still make sense for them.
  • Ideas on honoring yourself, your sexuality, and your energy even while in a relationship and marriage, and how Ev’yan and their partner have navigated this over the course of their partnership.
  • Removing the stigma around being asexual and ideas on how to discern if you are asexual, or if being asexual is a part of your sexual identity.
  • How to discern between having a true sexual desire vs. feeling like it’s something you ‘should’ do, and how that really applies to every aspect of our life.
  • Ideas on having different phases of sexuality and sexual drive, as cyclical human beings who are always changing and transforming, and how honoring this can help us stay in integrity with ourselves and remove judgment and feelings of shame if we feel like we ‘should’ be hitting a certain sexual number per week, month, etc.
  • And more!

Order your copy of Ev’yans book, Sensual Self here and listen to the podcast Sensual Self here.  For more about her work go to and follow her on Instagram @evyan.whitney.

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