Yearlong Mentorship + Training Program

INITIATION is a year-long incubator, mastermind, and practitioner training program, focused on how to become an embodied divine feminine healer, leader, coach, mentor, artist, creator, or guide for this world, depending on the track that fits your goals.

3 Intensive in-person weekend gatherings. Practice hour requirements. Practice client sessions overseen by Alexandra. Writing and speaking requirements and practice. Brand creation workshops. Conscious business practice training. Embodiment practice training. Mental health basics training including trauma-informed care. And… in-person transmissions, activations, ritual, and ceremony…

In 2015, Ruby Warrington and I (Alexandra) created MOON CLUB.  We were tired of simply interacting on the ‘gram with comments and DM’s and we wanted to engage in spiritual community, sisterhood, practice, writing, sharing and healing with others on a deeper level.  I remember when I held my first New Moon Ritual Journey on Zoom and a few hundred people came for free, they said they were touched, and I saw there was a possibility here to make magic over the internet.  At the time, there weren’t new and full moon rituals online (at least not ones we were aware of).  The idea that people could come together and FEEL and CRY and SHARE and VISION through a computer screen seemed really weird.  But it worked!

Four and a half years later, thousands of womxn have been impacted by our Moon Club gatherings, offline and online.  We’ve created circles around the world – where we practice meditation, breath, embodiment, storytelling – and stepping outside of the spiritual norms and the patriarchal systems and religions.  We have indeed created the space that my heart called me to:  a space for the Divine Feminine in each of us to be called forth.  A space for feeling, healing, sharing, communing, and uplifting each other.

In the last year or so, I have been asked by many MC members how to be a healer, a coach, a mentor, a writer.  I have worked with many womxn one-on-one, helping them begin healing journeys, start businesses, step into their role as guides on this planet, as coaches, mentors, writers, healers, public facing humans.  But I can only work with a handful of womxn at a time one-to-one.  So I have been crafting a group program for a while.  And the time is now for its birth!

I’m a person who has taken ideas and brought them into form. I have had the idea for a film, a documentary, to raise money for a movie, to create Moon Club, to write a book… and I was able to bring all of those to life. I had the idea that I wanted to help other women to heal, transform, and realize themselves and what they want to create, and now I am doing just that.

I have now gathered the tools I have used in my client sessions, creative work, and retreats and will be sharing them with a select group of womxn over the next year in a one-year training and certification program.  You will leave with the skills to facilitate, which you can apply to furthering or creating your coaching, mentorship, or healing business.  You’ll learn our embodied breath technique, how to hold space for others, how to channel in your writing, create a conscious business, you’ll learn basic trauma informed care, you’ll experience 3 weekends together in-person that will activate your Heart and Soul, and you’ll gather online between them.

I want to support you to create the products, programs, films, and books that are going to help change this world. That are going to inspire, support, and empower others to change this world. Whether you leave this program and take the practitioner route, or are a creator, we will all be doing the same curriculum together and will have these tools and practices under our belts.

I am really stoked to call in this group of womxn ready to be bridges of healing on this planet, ready to channel magic in their businesses, their art, through their hands, ready to commit to being of sacred service in its most wild and weird and divine form!

Read on.  All info is below.  Loving You.

xxx Alexandra 


“All I can say is that I have been calling in this space and container for what feels like eternities.  Really excited to connect deeper to my curiosity with the cosmos and to the rest of you.  I am currently going after BIG DREAMS and new ways of showing up in the world and boy, do I feel the fear.  Thank you Alexandra and Sabrina for creating and curating this magical vortex.  Grateful to be journeying with all of you wild moon womxn!” – Moon Club member 


  • Learn to use and accept and share your stories as transformation in healing them.
  • Learn the art of ritual as a portal to the Divine, to healing, to channeling your gifts.
  • Learn the energetic language of the Heart and how to transform wounding there.
  • Learn embodiment practices.
  • Learn how to build inclusive spaces for people healing from the collective wounds.


  • Public speaking
  • Leading circles and meditations
  • Embodied feminine practice
  • Coach and wellness practitioner training
  • Sharing your gifts for the betterment of humanity
  • A connection to the mystery school within you
  • How to use the 8-fold path to altered states for your own spiritual work and with clients
  • Energy healing

“This morning, I took day one of Alexandra’s How to Embody your Feminine Fire class, and, oh, did something ignite.  First, meditation brought me clarity.  Then, shadow work set my shame on fire.  I ran into that blaze and embraced the growing pains.  Now I’m here ready to uncage myself more.  Drop the veil and the mask.  In the first 15 minutes of Alexandra’s class, I laughed, let a tear or two flow and stopped sucking in my belly – phew.” – Moon Club member



  • 3 Exclusive Weekend Intensives (admission included in price – travel and food not included) that will provide experiential transmissions + empowerments, focusing on training you in feminine practice, mental health basics, ritual/circling, and coaching/healer training and holding space.  NYC or LA.  Friday night – Sunday night.  Weekend intensives: January 17-19 2020, May 8-10, and November 6-8, 2020.  Please note the weekend intensives are a mandatory requirement of the program.
  • Optional pilgrimages and retreats scheduled during the year not included in price but will count as practice hours.  (Mexico retreat, UK retreat, Kripalu, and more to be announced.)


  • Monthly Online Gathering + Content drop with Alexandra.  (1st quarter and will continue, 1st quarter study will be with Alexandra)
  • Sexual Healing + Trauma-Informed Care with Columbia trained sex therapist Allie Lerner (2nd quarter)
  • Conscious Business Practice with licensed social worker Sabrina Crockett (3rd quarter)
  • Brand Creation with author and Numinous creator Ruby Warrington (4th quarter)

“It’s always such a deep dive with Alexandra Roxo and Ruby Warrington and I know this year will be no different.  After the first retreat with them, I built a community by co-hosting share circle events.  After the second retreat, I launched a business.  I can’t wait to see what this will bring!” – Amy Miller, Moon Club Member + Boston Ambassador


  • Attend at least one other public retreat with Alexandra.  You can choose from any public retreat including Kripalu Women’s Week in November 2019, Maha Rose South in Mazunte, Mexico in February 2020, or Kripalu in July 2020.  Not included in the price of the program.  All extra retreats will qualify as practice hours.
  • Hour requirements in embodied feminine practice, public speaking, public service, writing, leading circles, meditation, and breath work.
  • Client session hour requirements and practice sessions in last 3 months of the program.  You will submit recorded practice sessions to Alexandra and Sabrina to review throughout the last 3 months of the program.
  • Required reading.
  • Monthly group study and support calls with Sabrina.
  • Private Facebook group.
  • Access to full library of talks, practices, and some client sessions to review.
  • Final review interviews with Alexandra.

“It was a life-changing experience for me; a re-birth.  Honored and humbled to have been part of it.  I am forever grateful.” – Own your Feminine Power retreat attendee at Kripalu July 2019


  • Hands-on feedback and training to help you to develop your own offering by the end – as a leader, practitioner, or creator.
  • Confidence and ability to embody all parts of your feminine being.
  • Training in embodiment practice, mental health basics including trauma-informed care, conscious practice running, holding space, breath work and meditation.
  • An ability to speak and write publicly and translate ideas into clear form.
  • An ability to experience pleasure and sexual energy as a part of your creativity and offering in the world.
  • An ability to cultivate your intentions and manifest your desires within the container of work.
  • Clear processes in working with emotional and psychological blocks and transforming them alchemically in the body.


Once your application is reviewed, we will send you the payment plan options to officially secure your spot in this container. DEPOSITS ARE NON-REFUNDABLE.

PLEASE NOTE: Program price includes everything except transportation, lodging, and the one public retreat which counts as practice hours. DEPOSITS ARE NON-REFUNDABLE.

“It was so powerful and so healing.  I’m just floored by the effect it has had on me – in a very wonderful way!  I have so much clarity on myself and my relationships and am feeling this deep sense of self-love and acceptance that I’ve honestly never had before.  I am so deeply grateful for this and for the community of amazing women that I now have in my life.  Thank you both so much!” – Retreat attendee from our 2019 gathering at 1440 Multiversity with Ruby Warrington