On the Shift of Living from Power into Living from Love

Hello Dear Loves,

As we move into a new lunar cycle this week, I wanted to share with you this piece I wrote on the Shift of Living from Power into Living from Love… originally posted to my IG as a two-part series, but sharing the full piece with you here… plus a playlist for your New Moon practice below.


On the Shift of Living from Power into Living from Love:

If you are living in your conscious feminine, and you’ve done the work to liberate yourself from the past stories you’ve been told about yourself or that the world told you about You…

Then you no longer place your value in patriarchal ideals,

your life isn’t built around money or power,

but Love.

A 3rd chakra to 4th chakra graduation and beyond!

It doesn’t mean you aren’t abundant and powerful…

but those things are integrated…

You once broadcasted Power.

You now broadcast Love.




You use your abundance for good.

Taking very good care of you AND…

you take care of community,

you share.

You don’t hoard wealth for wealth’s sake.

You enjoy healing around money and keep moving, not getting stuck there…

This graduation from unconscious patriarchal ideals and values into conscious feminine ones (for all genders) is medicine for the earth.

Because it includes considering the earth and all peoples.

Living for love and healing and repair of the community, nature, the family…

and moving away from collective power, 


and money for the self.

No need to be afraid of power and money, or push them away…

just being conscious of the tendency to repeat what we have seen modeled… “me for me” and instead letting that old mentality evolve through us.

Same with ideals around body and beauty, you get to choose –

as long as you have made it CONSCIOUS and you aren’t operating from unconscious desires to be validated/approved/liked…

If you can say: “I wear makeup because I want to feel more beautiful.  I appreciate attention…”

then you are being honest and perhaps bringing your inner child’s lost needs for love into consciousness…

And it is okay to be honest about wanting these things we didn’t get as kids perhaps –

money, approval, validation, attention…

There is no need to shame ourselves or each other for going through a phase of: “Look at me, I am sexy and free!”

or: “Look at me, I am rich!”

or: “Look at me, I am powerful!”

or, simply: “Look at me, look at me!!!”

These are helpful parts of the journey and it’s a spiral –

the needs may come and go.

(I have gone through all of those and am not ashamed of them.  I am still evolving into balancing these values.)

This is a part of femininity – non-gendered, but archetypal – coming into consciousness…

This is where we truly reclaim the consciousness or feminine values and SOUL on this planet.

Sharing of money.




Celebration of who we are under the skin.

A return to Love.

We are in such critical times,

and whether we evolve into more creation here on this planet,

instead of more destruction,

is in our hands.

It truly all starts in how we walk,



and what we value every day.

I have hope for us.


And I’ve been studying and making art about this for nearly 20 years and I’ve barely scratched the surface!  Understanding how consciousness evolves is a deep mystery…


For those of you who this sparked a tingle of recognition, desire, or yearning within to dive deeper, I have 2 client spots opening this fall.  We work in a 6-month or year-long container of depth, exploration, embodiment, peeling off the layers, and coming back into the heart together.


** Photos by Body Scapes in Nature / Shay Munroe



HERE IS A PLAYLIST for you from our Radical Awakenings New Moon Ritual this week.  It’s the perfect amount of time to dive into an embodiment practice with breath, sound, and movement and to end with a visioning journey… that’s we do at the New Moon each month in our group!  If you’ve never gathered with us before and are ever interested in coming to one of our gatherings, let us know.

May we all continue to open our hearts to the generosity that life has to offer.