On Completion Without Destruction

“You can create completion without destruction.” – said a wise friend of mine.

This is a song of my heart for the end of 2020.

I completed my contract with my LA home and put my things in storage.

I’m completing my program, INITIATION, and am in the thick and juice of doing final review sessions with many amazing women right now all day and all night!

I’m completing the busy busy schedule and slowing down in the new year.

I def could have come in with some deep KALI MA energy and destroyed things or rushed them and tried to move fast and accidentally created destruction.

But “completion” feels more ladylike, more mature, more honoring.

I packed my home with utmost care and love.

I am completing sessions with my INITIATION women with utmost care and love and passing them the torch for their projects and businesses.

I’m completing the management of a team with utmost care and love.

And making space for the new to emerge from.

What are you completing and what are you destroying?  It is SOLSTICE and the darkest days of the year for many of us… I know there is some letting go in-process!


Also I had two wonderful IG lives last week, one with a woman in India HERE and another with a sweet human in LA, Allie, where oddly my face got zoomed in on but it’s still good 😉HERE.

These were focused on sexual healing, conscious sex and love in the digital age, and psychedelics.  The things I love most!


– Dancing on zoom with the Man I Love, GEEEZ you can have the best zoom hangs with your loved ones, GET CREATIVE!

– Had a zoom Turkey day with mom and stepdad which was also so sweet!  2.5 hours of chatting and hanging.

– Singing lessons/sing alongs on FT and zoom!

– Leaning into a routine and loving that structure so hard: wake, morning practice, call a friend, read, write, eat, clients, eat, bath, talk to my love, movie, sleep on repeat!!!

If you’re quarantining alone, ROUTINE is so helpful!

So is music!  Check out my playlists HERE for that!

And… as I promised on IG, I’ll keep rolling out movie recs… here are some FAVES and others worth a quarantine rewatch!  NSFW, NSF kids, enter at your own risk…

Some of my fave sexy, juicy, and romantic films:

– The Lover
– Memoirs of a Geisha
– Sex y Lucia
– Secretary
– 9 Songs
– First Knight
– Dangerous Beauty
– Damage
– Kama Sutra: A Tale of Love
– Lolita
– 9 1/2 Weeks
– The Postman Always Rings Twice
– Jamon Jamon
– In the Realm of the Senses
– Blue is the Warmest Color
– Call Me by your Name
– Stealing Beauty
– Legend
– Love
– Cruel Intentions
– The Unbearable Lightness of Being
– Legends of the Fall
– Tender Cousins
– The Notebook
– Splash

Loving you, xx