My Own Journey of Creating from Over-Working vs. Creating from Ease

I used to truly think I had to over-work and over-do in order to “get my work into the world” or “be seen”.

I believed I needed to be highly skilled, knowledgable, and good at everything, and that would get me success.

I was a classic overachiever and I am still a recovering overachiever.

For the last seven years, I have taken my artistic expression from being born from STRUGGLE and HUSTLE to letting it be born from hard work, yes, but also trust, ease, the honoring of my physical and emotional cycles, and what feels good to me.

This has been a MAJOR rewrite for me.

In my 20’s, when I was trying to get my work into the world by struggle, I was exhausted.

In my 30’s, I spent years unwinding the old ways, and I stepped into greater ease, and flow, and honoring the ebbs and flows, and I found more commercial success, more opportunities, more abundance in finances, and more visibility.

Some of us don’t know we are trying to create big things from deep exhaustion and over-working and a craving for money that is disconnected from our deep soul calling, or a craving to be seen that is disconnected from the sweetness of the flower of our being wishing to be felt and seen.

There are unconscious ways we create, and do our dharma, that include comparison, and competition, and self-criticism, and over-working, and then there are conscious ways we create where we honor our desires and make space for them to be met.

There is also an embodied way to know if you’re running energy at a level of over-working, or easeful creating, and embodiment is a key piece to this journey of discernment.

When we create from that burning too bright, over-working place, we are likely not putting out the amazing deep work.

We can learn to discern this in the body, and not the mind.

We can feel our way into a more nourishing home base where we create from.

This journey is so my journey.

I’ve worked so much with it and I wanna share what I have learned and studied with you and support you to find a baseline where you create from deep joy and deep ease.



Hope to see you in my new group and feel you walking the path to your greatest heart and soul expression together!