My Fave Ways to Keep My Creative Channel Open…

Hi Loves,

Fall is approaching here in Colorado, and yet, I feel like I am having a creative rebirth!  New and exciting podcast episodes (see below), and also working on my 2nd book, and putting more love into my IG again! It. All. Feels. So. Good.  I’m in a creation station and that’s my sweet spot:

Sharing my gifts!

How does it happen that we strike a creative juice chord?  Don’t ya wish sometimes our own ebbs and flows matched the seasons and/or our menstrual cycles?  (For those of us who bleed.)

But, sometimes our internal cycle of expansion and up-level and growth is our own…

It usually comes after a deep time of struggle, change, facing shadows, turning inwards…

But the sun always rises after a dark night.  It just does.

In the nearly 20 years of being a creative publicly, I have learned to trust my inner cycles.

I can’t write at FULL POWER CHANNEL 24/7.  There are times when I have very little inspo for weeeeeeks.

But, instead of forcing it — I trust the cycles, and I keep showing up.

We all have gifts we are either giving life to each day, or holding back.

Sometimes the holding back is rest, regeneration, and quiet.

Sometimes it is habit.

Here are my fave ways to keep my creative channel open:

1. Show up to something every day as my practice.  Write a poem.  Dance for 5 minutes.  Cook something.  And do it with my whole heart!  Even if it’s low-key.  Something.  Every day.

2. Monitor internal dialogue and practice good internal boundaries.  Harsh judgments GOODBYE!  The inside and what we tell ourselves everyday has a MASSIVE impact.

3. DARE.  Take little risks, often.  This keeps the channel flowing, the edges bouncy and massaged, and not hard or rigid.  A little risk could be a story share on socials.  Or, sending an email to someone to consider your art/business/work.  It could be entering into a writing competition.  Or, asking a friend for feedback.  Be audacious on behalf of the beauty and magic you are channeling.

These are some top-level tips… we will get mega-deeeeeep in my 6-week journey starting October 26th on why and what and how, and what is holding us back, and when it is time to rest, and what juice the world is yearning for that only you have.

I’m already doing the journey, too and I told Nisha Moodley who I recently worked with: “OMG I created this class because I’m having a creative rebirth right now and I am so excited to share!  And I need it, too!”  And this is true.  I create from my own need first.

Liz Gilbert says something like this in her book Big Magic.  (I am paraphrasing.)  Don’t write to help others or save the world.  Write for you.  Write for what you need.  And inevitably, others will be touched.

Sending you courage to do that every day — in writing and loving and creating and dreaming…

And if you are called, come on board our journey.

I’m very excited for it.