a yearlong transformational healing and mentorship program for radical change

  • Note this program ran in 2018, get on the list below to find out info about 2019 / 2020!

In this year long program with Alexandra you will dive deep into anything that is blocking you from the PRESENT.  From being your best self.  From showing up to life.  From making money.  From being of service.  We look at all blocks.  We become aware of them.  We learn how to begin to move them.  We use the body.  The voice.  The spirit.  We look at each issue we are holding onto, how they are living in the body, mind and spirit.

This program has been created for people who have battled sexual traumas or assaults, sexual issues and abuses, body image issues and eating disorders, abandonment issues, issues around being a woman or embodying femininity, feeling safe in the body, and claiming sexual and creative power and full expression in the world. It is a deep dive into all of these areas and a method to turn trauma and pain into passion for your purpose!

It is an edge pushing program and requires an application and mental health evaluation.  Many participants also are in traditional therapy alongside the program for the duration of the year, in order to do the most healing and integrating.  This program is women's work, anyone female identifying is welcome to apply. 

MONTH 1-2: Awareness. Becoming aware of the issues currently in the field.  The issues holding you back.

MONTH 3-4: Opening.  Beginning to uproot the past.  This month includes multiple nights of strong and clearing plant medicine ceremony work.

MONTH 5-6: Embodiment. Feeling safe in the body, expressing the truth of the body. This month includes work with serpents, 5 Rhythms and dance work, and touch.

MONTH 7-8: Connection.  Using connection as a tool for awakening.  Healing around the masculine. This month includes work with men, partner work, and moving through past hurts in real time with another human as mirror. 

MONTH 9-10: Surrender.  Letting go of the past pains, accepting them, integrating them and moving on. This month includes rope bondage work for healing and embodiment.

MONTH 11: Voice.  Using the voice, claiming it's power, stepping into your fullness.  This month involves writing and sharing and storytelling work.

MONTH 12: Freedom. Breaking free.  This is the month where we let it all go.  We dance.  We play.  We dream.  We run naked. We are alive. This month includes a heart opening plant medicine retreat and time in nature.

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Her work goes deep, and immense healing and transformation occurs in our sessions. She has helped me crack open, suck the poison out, and emerge victorious.
— Nicole M.
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