Living Within a Mission or Purpose vs. Living Within Your Blossoming

Sometimes we consider what we do in the world our “mission” or “purpose”, and miss the sweetness of what it feels like to simply live a life where we share our gifts, our wisdom, and our art with the world.

To me, committing to a job or mission feels like it dries out my feminine essence.  It feels hardened and not like my truth.

Feeling my gifts and expressing them as nature expresses, changing and wild, delicious and divine, that feels more true to my feminine essence.  Opening FULLY, calling my soul expression through my embodiment a little more every day…


Ask yourself:

Will you only open your petals halfway this life?

Or, will you allow yourself to go into full bloom?


Your gifts can be like a sweet fragrance that touches on the hearts of many.

You don’t need to be famous.

You don’t need to touch thousands.  (You can, if you wish.)

But, as long as you open to those gifts fully, you are living your soul’s truth.

And then you get to receive from there.

Allowing their karma to unfold.

Because, doesn’t this planet need more love? 

(Your gifts, hint hint, are LOVE.)

Doesn’t this planet need more hearts awakened?

So, why not show up with your gifts blossoming open NOW?

Gently unfurling your petals, or shooting the fire out with speed.  The way and the pace and the tone is YOURS.  The process is one I will support you in, and then the spiritual process will be one you return to, again and again.

True to YOU.