Lessons on Transformation from a Deep Month

Hi Loves,

It feels like it has been so long since I have written to you!  And perhaps it has.  I have been amidst a month of deep planning for retreats, and another month of being on-site in Zion, Utah planning for retreats and leading them.

As in the spirit of all of my work… it was a deeply transformational month.


I want to share some of my takeaways with you:

– When we are giving our gifts to the world, we experience more aliveness.  Plain and simple.  We may meet resistance along the path to aliveness.  But, once we touch the spot of giving our gifts to the world, the resistance has the capacity to transform and a beautiful place in the soul comes ALIVE.


– Sacred community is the temple for transformation and spiritual practice.  Fuck doing it alone.  We need each other.  The energy in a room when women in my retreats are expressing and feeling and moving past blocks in being free and channeling all flavors of the Goddess is AMAZING.  Ground breaking!  Old paradigm shattering!  Sure, we can do some of that on zoom.  BUT, truly so much magic happens in a room that we create together.  These are our churches.  They are temples.  They are sacred.  We need these spaces.


– Transformation means facing the hard shit.  This may sound trite, but as Carl Jung said (yes, I trust a dead white guy…): “There is no coming to consciousness without pain.”  Turning towards our fears, our patterns, our habits of resistance, is where we find freedom.  We can seek a life of comfort or turn towards discomfort and in doing so, know peace.


– The erotic is an untapped force inside of us that when channeled skillfully, can bring cleansing, bliss, freedom, energy, and power into the world.  In order to find your own erotic channel or identity, it will take digging, investigating, perhaps encountering grief or rage along the way, but ultimately, it is a freeing of an essential relationship in every human.


– You can choose a life of spiritual practice, or a life geared towards external success.  One has to come first.  You choose.  Bonus:  If you choose practice (practicing compassion, practicing love, practicing peace, practicing feeling…) then you can also still be successful.  Yep.  You can have both.


This is all for now.  I miss you all.  The winter was more internal for me, but I am feeling the rebirth of the Spring and excited to be more vocal in the coming months.