I Used to Think We Needed One Vocation, One “Identity”…

What if we actually need a question.  A thesis.  A curiosity.  A mission statement.  That we can translate across mediums, moments, art forms, and businesses?  So that we touched the soul calling within, and allowed its natural evolution.


Hi Loves,

Last week in my group program, I led everyone through an exercise that I was led through when I went to Soltara in 2019 (more about that here).

I love this exercise because it helps you really find what the calling of your soul is, by identifying through a really specific process, the moments in life where you feel most connected to your soul.

Where you feel most alive.

The thing that I found to be interesting when I led this process last week, was that people quickly conflated their soul’s calling with their job.

This is problematic, and also heartbreaking, and is something I’m going to deeply address in my upcoming class, Creative Woman Set Free.

Our soul and its callings and yearnings are the SOURCE of our EVERYTHING… how we dress, how we love, how we live, how we work, how we make love… the specific energy, texture, yearnings of our soul are so separate from *simply how we make money*.


It breaks my heart that these things have been conflated for most of us and that we think – when we consider what the deep, passionate, inner yearnings are of our being – that it simply means how we make money.

That just feels like an arrow to my heart!!!

Now, this isn’t any of our faults.  We live in a very capitalist society that orients us towards reality and living based on our careers and vocations mostly.

But, what if we lived in a culture where, instead of everything being geared towards how we make money, and how we show up to make money – we lived in a culture where our directionality was around touching that deepest aliveness and being so close to the deep, inner yearnings and callings of the soul?!  And knowing that those could change and transform, and that’s a beautiful part of the process, and not something to be afraid of.

I find that people put themselves in these boxes of identity and vocation that actually thwarts the soul’s expression of being fed, acknowledged, and touched upon, and rather makes the life that’s being lived much more rigid, surface, hardened, and shallow.  And with that comes a lack of meaning, a lack of depth, and oftentimes a feeling of being unfulfilled.

So, in my class, CREATIVE WOMAN SET FREE, I’m going to go deep on:

– How you can live a life that is close to that aliveness, that feels alive without having to commodify it to make money.

– And/or allowing it to be a part of how you make money, or the source beneath how you make money, if you so wish… but also, not having to!

(This is something I talk about a lot and am excited to go more deeply into!)

Because the results of living close to this place in your soul may be feeling more free, liberated, alive, cyclical, expressed, joyful, deep, artistic, etc… and I want that for you!  I want that for all of us.