How Do You Not Copy Folks in the Online Sea of Content?

When I started creating, writing, and putting myself out there, it was pre-social media, and copying others’ work wasn’t an option.

My brain wasn’t soaked with the imagery and words of popular lexicon.

I had books from the library, of course, and magazines, but I had to source deeply for the art and wisdom that inspired me.  It wasn’t accessible in one click.

I craved to know my own soul, so I was relentless in my pursuits.

I made flyers when I was 21 for my “Gemini Moon Collective” and led circles of women in New York City.

I gathered 20 women of all shapes and colors for a nude photo shoot where they all had wine glasses with fake blood and toasted the gift of menstruation.

I worked at the Screen Actor’s Guild, at Alvin Ailey Dance, at photo galleries…

I went out to drink of life.

I sought teachers in-person.

Learned ritual at witch camp in the Oregon mountains.

I was persistent in finding out who I was under the culture conditioning.

I was persistent at getting to know my soul.

And I created from that place.

Not from wishing for an outcome.

I’ve made public work for 20 years, from films to retreats to a book, and I’ve been praised again and again, not because I am special…

But because I am not copying anyone’s look or feel or voice.

I am consistent and devoted to expressing MY UNIQUE SOUL desires, pains, yearnings, and curiosities.

And guess what… you can do that, too!

If you deeply devote to knowing it.

Claiming it.

No shortcuts.

No quick copying.

Filling up on inspiration.

But then sourcing from YOU.

I promise you the fact that I have been in 3 TV shows as a healer and teacher is NOT because I am special.

The fact that I have been featured as a healer and teacher in Harper’s Bazaar, Nylon, The NY Times, In Style, Pop Sugar… is not cause I’m special!

It’s because I am brave.

And devoted.

And because I source from my unique soul voice.