Embodiment Masterclass, complete with two guided recordings to integrate wild and free feminine practices into your daily wellness routine…

WHAT IS EMBODIMENT?  Roxo Style of course. This didn’t come from a book.  It came from practice, acting school, and thousands of hours of self work.

Embodiment IMO is taking your practice into your physical body and not just in the mind or spirit.  This is how we reactivate the energy centers in our body with life force, reclaiming our bodies as sacred instruments for pleasure.  Purpose.  Passion.

Think – A feminine compliment to seated meditation.  A traditional mindfulness is based on cultivating awareness or witness and not about feeling states.  Which can be called an archetypal masculine energy in many eastern traditions.  So how do we play with THE OPPOSITE OF THAT?  Creative energy?  Sexual fire? Emotions?

We do embodiment work where we play with breath, sound and movement.  And I learned this in acting class and then through the lease of shamanic work and tantric work and smashed it all together renegade styles.

In this masterclass, I discuss the changes I have personally experienced with clients and in my own life by adding an embodiment practice to a regular meditation practice.

It’s super juicy and fun.  It feels amazing!  It moves energy through the body and everyone she has taught it to has fallen in love with it / been blown open / and even had orgasmic bliss and creative inspo.  Have fun.

In This Course, You Receive…

One video masterclass.

Two guided practices you can use again and again.

PLUS!  Notes, Journal Prompts, Playlists, Tips… and more from Alexandra!

This Is For You If…

You tend to overthink things.

You’re super analytical about everything.

You find yourself in brain loops replaying the past.

You have trouble feeling into your gut feelings.

You want to reconnect to your pussy, yoni, cervix, womb.

You want to feel more confident in your body.

You want to feel a deep connection with nature, pleasure, and the people around you.


What People Are Saying…

“I’ve been doing the embodiment practices as often as possible, and it’s been a game-changer.  I’ve been able to retrieve these primal, sensual, sexual, soft, and vulnerable parts of myself that I wouldn’t have otherwise released/had forgotten.  And each time I make space for the practice, I am shocked and delighted to recover even more of those feral and magical pieces of myself.  It has been simply transformational.”

“The embodiment practices are amazing.  The first time I tried it, I was laying on my bed and all of a sudden I was reminded of the day I gave birth and how much it resembled what I was naturally doing to help bring baby earth side.  So primal and fierce, I’m excited to know I can connect with that powerful birthing woman again.”