Alexandra teaches classes and workshops and has spoken on panels and as a keynote speaker at spaces such as Lincoln Center, on AOL Live, Huffington Post Live, Tribeca Film Festival Live, Writer's Guild of America, The Temple of Venus, The House of Intuition, Kripalu Center, 1440 Multiversity, and more. She also leads guided meditations, retreats, and rituals for 100's of people online and in person.



5th-8th 2019

Own Your Feminine Power: A Moon Club Retreat

3 nights: Friday, July 5th to Monday, July 8th 2019

For women.

Reclaim and fully own your feminine power with Moon Club cofounders Ruby Warrington and Alexandra Roxo. Too often, we are taught that to be “successful,” we must suppress our empathetic, intuitive selves, in favor of a more linear, logical way of being. But this disconnect often leads to stress, anxiety, and burnout.

Explore a revolutionary approach to tapping back into your feminine power and uncover the secret to success on every level—in career, relationships, and your overall well-being. During this life-changing program, you discover

  • How to use astrology to identify and amplify your unique gifts

  • The power of storytelling to heal and realize your full power

  • Embodiment techniques to process emotions before they build up

  • Rituals to tap into the yearnings of your soul

  • Daily spiritual practices that help keep you on track.

With Ruby and Alexandra as your guides, you can craft an existence that’s aligned with your soul purpose.