Embody Your Inner Goddess

For the month of love, we sat down (virtually) with author, speaker, artist and literal goddess on earth Alexandra Roxo for her guidance on connecting to the divine feminine within. Here, she shares her wisdom on healing trauma, taking back your power and embracing your wildness so you can step into that goddess energy too.

Wellness Official: In your book, I was surprised to find that, before you can actually “f*ck like a goddess,” there’s some deep personal healing work that needs to be done. Can you talk a little bit about those initial steps towards embracing your authentic self that lay the groundwork for inviting in more divine feminine energy?

Alexandra Roxo: In my book, I say f*cking like a goddess is making love to life and letting life make love to you. Instead of trying to control life or resisting its flow, choosing to open as if you and life are in ecstatic communion. So much of our human existence is in trying to manage our outcomes or fearing the “what ifs,” but when we instead choose to be in cahoots with life, we find ease on our path. That’s what I mean by f*cking like a goddess. It’s not literal — it’s poetic and metaphoric. That’s me for ya.

In order to really embrace your authentic self and invite in more of that divine feminine energy, you have to get rid of all the junk that doesn’t serve you. The old programming and beliefs that might’ve come from your parents, your culture or your religion.

The first step is to identify that they exist. For example, “Wow I still think I’m not lovable if I don’t wear a size four. Interesting. Okay cool, what else is stuck in me that I need to get rid of?”

Through that process, we’re able to take out the trash, let go of the baggage and make space for our own choices about who we are and what we believe. And that allows us to let in more divine feminine energy because we are becoming more nature. We’re letting ourselves bleed, we’re letting ourselves orgasm, we’re letting our bodies be as they are without trying to change and control them. That is divine feminine energy. It is nature in motion. It is the brilliance of color and sound, the way we dance, the way we move our hips, the noises we make. Allow all of that to come from the truth and from your heart and soul instead of your conditioning.