Do You Know the Language of Your Soul?

I used to think we needed one career, one vocation, one “identity”.

Then I realized that came from this very capitalist way of thinking…

What if we actually need a question, a thesis, a curiosity, a mission statement, a through-line of energy that we could translate across mediums and moments and art forms and businesses across time?

So that we touched the soul calling within, and allowed its natural evolution, and didn’t feel terrible when we swapped businesses, or titles, or moved through phases…

Because the soul of what we are exploring stayed strong.

Our devotion to the greater cause stayed strong.

Sometimes people betray their deepest truth ’cause it’s so uncomfortable to change titles or companies or plans or websites or branding or identities.

It can seem easier to stay the course…

When in truth, your gifts evolve over time.

The unique essence of YOU is the through-line of everything you create.

And if you haven’t found that, it will all fall flat, no matter what you create.

Before you set out to spend thousands on a site, or branding, you MUST be so close to the language of your soul:


And speak to us from THERE.

If you skip this step, you will likely create something you saw online, some version of you that is watered down, based on what you have seen…

Not who you are INSIDE.

At your core.

Learning the language of your soul is ESSENTIAL to a magnetic business, idea, creative project, or writing.

I will help you to discover the language of YOUR soul in my new group CREATIVE WOMAN SET FREE.