Devoted to the Siren…

This week’s share is a poem, practice, ritual and playlist!

On the spirit of different sides of the feminine soul… here is a poem devoted to the SIREN in us all!

I wrote this when I opened into deep commitment with my man.  Wrote for all of us who have an active Siren inside who sometimes need to take a break 😉

(*Ask yourself – what archetype or texture of embodiment did I lean on and am I ready to try on another archetypal outfit?)

Hanging up my mermaid tail on the nail
in the pale
white room
of infinty’s echo…

Bye bye sweet beauty,
I shall return for you.

I have traded my siren’s song
for the love of a man.

You won’t see my bulbous blues
beckoning to you
on the webs
catching you in my web,
like the weaving woman.
I caught
what I was meant to catch.

And there is no prey left,
as the hunger is satiated
for now…

I spent a good few years
singing my siren’s song,
wondering if he would hear me
shining the soul lights
and glistening white skin,
hair like Rita Hayworth,
and lashes like spider legs,
red nails as if dabbed with blood
or rosebuds,
red lips rouged like the nether regions’ response…
heart singing,
poet cawing.

And he came,
the ‘he’ I was waiting for. 

He saw the draped sweet body of mine
around a tree.

did see…
“That could be me!”

And now I am dismantling the web,
taking off the tail,
quieting the call.

Weapons of mass seduction

Song shushing,
lipstick in the bottom drawer,
perfume cap screwed on tight,
blush no longer needed.

Oh Siren, you did me so well!
Catching such catches.
I will never forget your power, my dear.

I can’t get rid of you if I tried,
but the bar is closed now,
the curtains coming down,
the dance card full…
for now.

The advertisement of
to thee
is time to let be.

And so it is.

Practice + Teaching:

My practice space is focused on the heart – feeling beyond reaction into depth – and opening the heart beyond its edges…

It’s not so much a mental thing – it’s in the meeting space of feeling/soul/spirit/heart… throat, belly, womb, vulva, but mainly heart heart heart at the center.

For this week of the New Moon, I recommend playing with the element of fire in your embodiment…

How can you befriend FIRE as a spiritual energy to help you move old emotions? 

Or past the body’s habits?  (Like being hunched over a computer!)

Breath inherently can bring FIRE.

So can SOUND.

In your practice – call in the element of FIRE through some growling, moaning, yelling (however works for you safely!) and deep breathing – notice if you can play with fire without becoming tough/hardened/closed off.

Open… and warm… and fiery… feel into it all in your practice.

Fire can inherently be more on the yang side of things (Chinese term), but I also experience the yin side of fire… it feels VERY different though.

Hint… think burning out vs. burning steadily.

Movie Magic for Ritual Nights:


Lula is such an archetype of some kinda woman.  Lynch is a genius and this film is PACKED beneath the surface with metaphor and magic.

Watch trailer here

** Wild At Heart is violent, so if that bothers you, don’t watch!  I close my eyes at violent scenes, but beware or fast foward.  AND if you haven’t heard of MOVIE YOGA – how films actually heal and connect with our karma, here is a review on the book with that title.


This character is so epic, subtle, graceful, and archetypal in 1,000 ways.  Movies like this are NOT made anymore because #PC times, and watching Belucci is such an activation for me, on an archetypal level.
Watch trailer here

Both films show sides of the feminine wider narrative in many ways – look at embodiment, voice, body movement, devotion… so juicy.  LOOK BEYOND LITERAL.

Juicy Playlist for You:

Wild At Heart – LISTEN HERE 

and I hope you enjoy some juicy fun… and please email me back if you like something or something has touched you.  I LIVE for the emails back from you saying: “OMG LOVED THAT” or whatever.  I write these emails not ’cause I get paid, but because I AM DEVOTED TO THIS PATH SO HELP ME GOD/GODDESS/DIVINE GIFT OF LIFE!

Plus, being alive is SO EPIC, I am a constant student of THIS LIFE.