A session is healing work, intuitive coaching, a bespoke ritual, shamanic energy clearing, and reset to assist you in wherever you are on your journey.  Session packages and times vary between a basic one hour 15 and 30 minutes to a full day retreat together. The session begins with an intention setting and grounding meditation, a check in where you are guided to share you story as medicine and alchemy for healing and change and then taken on a guided shamanic journey where you enter an altered state and open to new energies or go through healing of the past. 

The experience may involve music, essential oils, crystal healing, hands on energy work, performance, photography, intimacy and Heart opening ceremony and plant medicines.

FOCUSES:  Sexual healing, heart opening, love, sex and relationships , embodiment, feminine empowerment.

Expect to leave feeling rejuvenated, revived, refreshed, and with parts of yourself reconnected- empowered and excited!

Sessions take place virtually or in LA or NYC or Alexandra can travel to you or meet you in a special place.  


Alexandra has spent the last 15 years of her life working as an artist and director, directing and creating films, plays, photos, and pieces of writing to create energy movement and healing. 

She has also studied with various shamanic practicioners, energy healers, and spiritual teachers that have impacted her style of work to include plant medicine ceremonies and teachings, serpent medicine, tantra, curse unraveling, inner child work, Reiki, emodiment work, and Moon ritual work.

In her one on one custom ritual sessions she will be co-creating an artistic healing experience for you.  You will carefully discover what you need more of in your life, what would feel amazing for you to receive, what you are lacking, how you want to feel, and craft an experience from there.   

She will be your guide. Your director.  Taking into the depths of your Heart and Soul to places you have yet to go to, or you need to shine lights on, or revisit. 

She will use curated music for your needs, shamanic journey techniques, work with Guides and other beings, stones and crystals, poetry, touch, embodiment work, risk taking and boundary pushing work, and more to create your ritual.  

Walk away starting a new chapter in your life.  Releasing old baggage.  Opening to something new.

My time working with Alexandra has brought shifts in myself and my life that are unlike no other. I’ve deepened my ability to connect with self (pain, shadow sides) in turn connecting more authentically with others. She provides the space for my listening of self to expand; to dance with all the parts of me. I get to be me. The me that loves, hurts, rages & surrenders. The me that wants to connect with others in the deepest way possible.
— Jen Robinson, Moon Magic Retreat attendee, Holy F*ck Workshop, Shibari and Sexual healing retreat attendee, and Mentorhsip client
Alexandra has taught me how to get out of my head and how to drop back in to my body and really feel my feelings. I’ve come out of the journey a woman transformed with my heart cracked completely open. I’m living deeper and more alive and more engaged than ever before.
— Laura Mccaffrey, Mentorship client