On Completion Without Destruction

“You can create completion without destruction.” – said a wise friend of mine. This is a song of my heart for the end of 2020. I completed my contract with my LA home and put my things in storage. I’m completing my program, INITIATION, and am in the thick and juice of doing final review […]

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On Love, Control, and a Room of One’s Own

Hello Dear Ones, I wrote a poem about Love and Writing and Control and Intimacy for this week to be slurped and sipped below.  And also some film recommendations on The Deep Sacrificial Lamb of Love.  All below… I am also calling in 5 women to work with me 1:1 next year in a deep coaching + […]

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Born to be Alive!

Hi Loves, I remember about 5 years ago reading this passage in Esther Perel’s book “Mating in Captivity” about Holocaust survivors and that some of them had found a way to thrive after going through that massive trauma.  A friend reminded me of this on my IG post this week. In Esther’s book, she shares about how some […]

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Love is at the Core of the Soul Quest

Hi Loves, TODAY is the last day to join the Quest for Love Summit and usually I don’t do these type of online summits, but my friends Paul and Erica invited me into it, and I trust those two.  And I had a really beautiful conversation with Emily (the founder) of it.  I appreciate this conversation because I am […]

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Holding Grace in Uncertainty

Hi Loves, Last week, we skipped a week on my letters to you because our dear dear, my sister, friend, and team member Sabrina had a death in her family.  I love this woman so much.  She is the kindest human I know.  Like the kind of person who oozes selfless compassion, generosity, giving… I am so grateful […]

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