My Own Journey of Creating from Over-Working vs. Creating from Ease

I used to truly think I had to over-work and over-do in order to “get my work into the world” or “be seen”. I believed I needed to be highly skilled, knowledgable, and good at everything, and that would get me success. I was a classic overachiever and I am still a recovering overachiever. For […]

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Do You Know the Language of Your Soul?

I used to think we needed one career, one vocation, one “identity”. Then I realized that came from this very capitalist way of thinking… What if we actually need a question, a thesis, a curiosity, a mission statement, a through-line of energy that we could translate across mediums and moments and art forms and businesses […]

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Living Within a Mission or Purpose vs. Living Within Your Blossoming

Sometimes we consider what we do in the world our “mission” or “purpose”, and miss the sweetness of what it feels like to simply live a life where we share our gifts, our wisdom, and our art with the world. To me, committing to a job or mission feels like it dries out my feminine […]

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The Key to Your Success is What Only YOU Have

Whether you’re a coach, or a writer, or an artist, or entrepreneur, what sets you apart from the masses is YOU. Your unique soul voice. If you water that down, you are betraying yourself. If you ignore its call, you are turning away from your life. If you don’t honor your uniqueness, you are lying […]

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How Do You Not Copy Folks in the Online Sea of Content?

When I started creating, writing, and putting myself out there, it was pre-social media, and copying others’ work wasn’t an option. My brain wasn’t soaked with the imagery and words of popular lexicon. I had books from the library, of course, and magazines, but I had to source deeply for the art and wisdom that […]

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What If You Being You Was Enough?

I was recently telling a friend about parts of my own evolution. How my own internal healing has shifted my external world so much. How I have “up-leveled” my external world in leaps around my internal evolution. How I had gone from leaving a film career and agents at CAA and a TV pilot and […]

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Lessons on Transformation from a Deep Month

Hi Loves, It feels like it has been so long since I have written to you!  And perhaps it has.  I have been amidst a month of deep planning for retreats, and another month of being on-site in Zion, Utah planning for retreats and leading them. As in the spirit of all of my work… it […]

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On the Shift of Living from Power into Living from Love

Hello Dear Loves, As we move into a new lunar cycle this week, I wanted to share with you this piece I wrote on the Shift of Living from Power into Living from Love… originally posted to my IG as a two-part series, but sharing the full piece with you here… plus a playlist for […]

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The Dance of the Creative and Erotic Souls

A woman’s sexual expression is directly linked to her creative expression. I know this as true and true for myself. It doesn’t mean you need to be having sex.  It’s much more nuanced than that. It’s about learning how to work with sexual energy, life force, eros – this big numinous energy that keeps the […]

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