On the Shift of Living from Power into Living from Love

Hello Dear Loves, As we move into a new lunar cycle this week, I wanted to share with you this piece I wrote on the Shift of Living from Power into Living from Love… originally posted to my IG as a two-part series, but sharing the full piece with you here… plus a playlist for […]

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The Dance of the Creative and Erotic Souls

A woman’s sexual expression is directly linked to her creative expression. I know this as true and true for myself. It doesn’t mean you need to be having sex.  It’s much more nuanced than that. It’s about learning how to work with sexual energy, life force, eros – this big numinous energy that keeps the […]

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To Be A Woman Who Doesn’t Pretend

Hi Beloveds, Today I have a poem and playlist for you… to perhaps awaken and inspire something within you for our New Moon in Cancer this week… I shared this poem on IG but ICYMI or wanna cut and paste and read often… it is one I am revisiting for myself, as a ritual.  POEM: […]

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Renewed Vows…

Hi Beloved Community, Hope this finds you well. I’ve had a business redo, pause, internal scrub in this last year and I want to share why this was essential and how it’s changed me and why pausing to let yourself mature when you’re a public person is essential to not staying stuck in a fixed […]

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Why Some Parts of Our Femininity Are Not Included in the Mainstream

This week’s share is a teaching with reflections, ideas, anecdotes and a little dip on “Why Some Parts of Femininity are not Included in the Mainstream and how this has Informed my Practice and Embodiment!” Okay, this is a HUGE topic and I am simply dipping into it, from a spiritual-psycho-artistic approach… ENJOY! One thing […]

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When I Called Sacred Partnership Into My Life and Said: “I’m Ready for This.”

As promised, I finally feel called to share about the soul forge I have been in, in my heart.  This is a longer read… for your morning tea or coffee.  Sipped into your heart… 💕 I first want to note… external and internal transformation and pain and experience are VERY relative and the internal worlds we live […]

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You Are All of It: A Poem, Practice, Playlist

On Being A Complex Woman and Enjoying It. The sacred submissives have been cast aside. Banished to the hinterlands of pop culture. Being soft went out of style. Being passive is passé… But sometimes you feel a woman with a secret, who doesn’t wanna bare all. Doesn’t tell you everything, or have an opinion, and […]

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It’s My Birthday Week and I Would Love to Celebrate With You

Hello Dear Ones, Monday was my birthday and I have been in the b-day contemplation-gratitude-wow-awe-whoa I’m 37-what is this life-omg I feel so loved-kinda zone… and in this space of feeling so grateful and full, I would love to ask your support in something I care about… If any of my writings, or my book, […]

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We Were Once “Uncivilized” Weren’t We?

We roamed wild and free. I licked the sweat off the side of your head as a way to show my affection, after we ran through the wood. We laughed for no reason, rolling on the Earth. We cried for no reason too. It just was. A mess of tears and snot, it lead us […]

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